For this topspin serve tutorial, coach Huy and I will divide it into three steps. We cannot do the entire serve in one step right away. Serving requires combination of different body parts, thus, dividing it into small steps will make it much easier. The first step is tossing the ball. The second, contact with the ball and the last, a complete motion Those are 3 steps and the first part is tossing the ball. Let’s stand right here. Coach Huy will now toss the ball Ok, you have seen coach Huy tossing the ball, but you may not know how he did it. I have a few notices for you. First, do not use fingers. Using fingers to direct the ball often change the direction of the ball and we cannot toss consistently. Do not use the wrist to toss. Do not use the elbow either. Notice that we use the entire arm to toss. Also, do not toss as high as coach Huy Toss slowly, step by step. Coach Huy will show step by step. Tossing it low first. Use the shoulder joint to toss the ball, not the other two parts Get it higher and to the head [repeat] Notice that for each type of serve, there’s a toss for it. For example, for the flat serve, toss to the front. For the topspin serve, toss toward the top of our head Why? Because when we do a topspin serve, we hit from the bottom to the top of the ball, from 6 to 12 o’clock. Imagine there’s a clock on the ball. This is 12, 6, 7, 1 o’clock We tend to hit the ball from 6 to 12, or 7 to 1 o’clock. That’s why when tossing to the front, we cannot hit like that. Toss to the back so that when the racquet goes up, it meets the ball here. Do not toss to the front You need to toss over and over again to be as consistent as possible because we cannot serve well if we do not toss well. Just toss and catch the ball back. Use the shoulder joint That’s the toss. Now move forward to the serve technique. For this part, coach Huy will do 4 steps. First, the preparation. Notice that our right leg is on the back and the left leg is on the front. The right foot is parallel to the baseline, the left is about 45 degrees diagonally. Hold the racquet at grip number 2. The left hand holds the ball at the racquet’s throat This is the preparation stance. The second step is moving the racquet to the back and toss the ball up. Notice that the left hand will toss the ball and the right hand moves the racquet back. The bodyweight is on the back leg. Since this is the basic level, I will not talk much about the leg push. Just stand and hit. Now, contact with the ball. One, two, three. From the second step, turn and transfer bodyweight to the front leg and swing the racquet to the top of our head. Let’s do it again! One, two, three. Ok, step number three, tuck the left arm back in and swing the racquet up to the top of our head to contact with the ball. The left arm is tucked at the belly or put to the back. Bodyweight is transfered to the left leg, right arm stretches. The last step is finishing Rotate the racquet head to the left and end the racquet to our left hip. Slightly bend the shoulder and hip down. Now, we have finished the motion. Bodyweight is on the left leg and back heel up Now, do again 4 steps. One, two, three, four. You should repeat this motion over and motion again to get used to it and the body parts sync up with each other easily The last step is hitting the ball. Do not hold the entire grip just yet. Hold at the middle. Now toss the ball and kick the ball. When holding the racquet shorter, it is easier to control the ball Remember to hit the ball from the bottom up, so that the ball is going higher than the contact point. Do not smash the ball down. Let’s see once more! Higher! See! the ball tends to move up. Many players will question about power. True! This will not be powerful. For this part, we prioritize consistency, not power In the later parts, I will show you how to increase power and precision. For this part, we want to create feeling first Also, do not worry about getting the ball into the box. We can hit it outside of the box as long as the technique is correct. Kick it up. When we are good at it, we will combine the entire motion Just kick the ball up high. Ok, for the last part, we can combine all steps. When we combine, do it step by step. We can toss and kick the ball. Do not finish, stop there to check if we do it correct or not. Ok, once more [repeat] We can check if we have correct motion or not. If you do not have any friends practice together, setup a smartphone or camera to record to check our motion When doing it all correctly, combine the entire technique. Coach Huy will do a complete motion As you can see, let’s serve the A. Now the T position. See, for this type, it is easy to serve precisely, at multiple positions and make it harder for the oponent to read. Do not use power When watching youtube videos of the pros, their serve is powerful and when mimicking them, it may cause shoulder injuries and those injuries will take very long to recover So, do it step by step like coach Huy and I showed you. Do it step by step and repeat multiple times. Within a week, following this method, you will achieve surprising result In the later videos, coach Huy and I will show you advanced techniques, how to increase speed, precision and how to control the emotion when serving If you like us, please subscribe and the bell button to receive notification whe we upload new videos so that you won’t miss any videos. Goodbye and have a nice day!

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