Hello everyone and welcome back to Manh Seven’s tennis instruction videos. Next to me is coach Huy Hello everyone Today, coach Huy and I will show you how have a basic serving technique in tennis. Now, let’s begin! In tennis, we have 4 kinds of serve. The first one is flat serve – hit straight at the ball. The second one is the slice serve – to the side of the ball. The third one is kick serve – the the left of the ball and the last one is topspin serve – from low to high of the ball With these 4 kinds of serve, coach Huy will demonstrate each technique and I will analyze the strength and weakness of each type. Then we will discuss the one that works best for us Ok now, coach Huy, please get in position. First, coach Huy will serve a flat serve, let’s observe. Ok, coach Huy has just hit a flat serve. What is a flat serve? We will smash straight into the ball This is the racquet face, we toss the ball and hit it. The advantage of this serve is power, the ball will move fast but it has many drawbacks. It needs a certain height to get enough angle to get the ball in The physique of our Vietnamese people often is limit in height, thus the success rate is low, we do not have enough angle. For foreign players, they have longer arms and body height and they will have a better flat serve Nowadays, most players do not serve flat anymore. Second, flat serve requires more arm forces. Although combined with body motion, still, the momentum on the arm is still strong, which may cause some injuries. That’s why, in my lessons, I do not encourage players to serve flat because it will not be the most effective method. The second type: the slice serve. Coach Huy will do a slice serve, meaning the racquet goes from the side of the ball. Coach Huy has just hit 2 slice serves. Slice serve means we hit from the right side of the ball and the ball will move to the right of the opponent, which will drag the opponent out wide and make it more difficult to return This is quite an easy serve to hit but the drawback is that if we slice serve too much, the opponent may anticipate it and later on, you may not cause as much troubles for the returner We can use it here and there a little bit, but using it too often is not the best choice. Now, the third type is the kick serve, let’s watch! Ok, coach Huy has just done 2 kick serves. For this technique, the racquet will go from the left to the right of the ball. The ball, when touching the ground, will change direction From this angle, it may not be clear. The ball comes to the right, but when hitting the ground, it slightly moves to the left. Let’s watch, imagine I am returning the kick serve. The ball comes, I think it’s going to my right, however, when touching the ground, it moves to my left. During the contact, we slice from the left of the ball This serve requires a lot of back bend, difficult technique and not everyone can serve like that all the time. We will not choose to serve this type of serve The last serve is the topspin serve, which is the one I recommend to most of my players at the academy. Let’s see how coach Huy does it. Ok, coach Huy has just served 2 topspin serve. Topspin serve is the serve in which the racquet goes from the bottom to the top of the ball. When touching the ground, the ball bounces really high, which causes a lot of troubles for the returner. The advantages, first, is the high bounce which pushes the opponent further away. Second we can serve to multiple positions, the A or T positions and the opponent can not anticipate it all the time. Third, this is a very safe serve because we create a lot of spins, the ball is much higher than the net. Thanks to the topspin, the ball will be in much more often and at the recreational level, we pioritize success rate, not power At the professional level, they need more power to gain serving advantage. For us, with my method, I prioritize consistency, not power. When using too much power it is hard to get the ball in and hard to maintain our energy through out the game. The last advatage is how easy it is to practice the topspin serve. Many players have trouble practicing this serve because they do not understand the fundamental of it just yet. In the next part, I will show you how to practice this topspin serve and within 2-3 practice sessons, you can start having a basic topspin serve and get the ball in consistently, not powerful yet. See you guys next time!

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