Today we’re at
the Singapore Zoo. We’ve got some speedy
munchers in there. – Dan:Whoa.
– Gav:How do you feelabout holding
the cricket yourself?
Absolutely. Dan:That’s crazy.Gav:That’s right,
we’re talking about you.
Don’t talk to it
like it’s cute. Gav: It is cute. If you could have a tongue
like this, would you? Those were some fast animals. I wish I could
do something that fast. The chameleon I feel like–
absolute slow motion classic. Yeah, it was disgusting,
actually. The end of the tongue,
it looked so graphic. It looks almost
like we can’t show it,
but it’s just a tongue. Imagine just
releasing the video and then blurring it out.( funk music playing )♪ Oh, yeah ♪It makes me feel
inadequate as a human. Yeah, me? Not great. Which animal do you think
is most like you? Probably the turtle,
’cause I like to inhale food. My impression is this… – That was good.
– Yeah. Really cute, actually,
for something so ugly. I’m hoping
that in my older age that’s what’s going to
happen to me as well. People will just watch you eat and think,
“Oh, that’s cute.” Yeah, “He ate so fast.” In a minute,
we’re going to do
an experiment demonstrating the mouth
of a Mata Mata turtle. But first, we spoke
to a bloke called Webster. – He’ll be right with us.
– Okay. – Webster, how’s it going?
– Good. Good, good. Got a couple
of questions for you about our fast animals. First of all, chameleon– how does it actually
grip stuff with its tongue? Okay, so the tongue
envelops the prey.So it’s the saliva
that’s sticky.
So after it envelops,
the saliva does the job.
Okay. Have you ever had your
finger hit by one of them? – Yeah.
– Is it disgusting? – No.
– No? It’s fine? – No, it’s fine.
– It feels good? It doesn’t feel good,
but it’s not disgusting. It’d be weird
if it felt good. – Ooh.
– Ooh, that’s nice. How fast is
a chameleon’s tongue? Webster:
So they can project it out
at 97 kilometers per hourwithin 1/100th of a second.– Wait, so–
– That’s– that’s insanity. So how does it actually get
that speed with its tongue? They have
accelerated muscles
within their jaws which shoot the tongue out. Yeah, I noticed on the footage it’s almost like
there’s a rigid barinside the tongue
that it fires off,
and then when
it’s raveling it in,
it’s still rigid.
What is that inside the tongue?
Is it like a bone or– Oh, it’s not actually bone. – It’s cartilage. Yeah.
– It’s cartilage. So it’s almost like your nose.
It’s, like, a rigid… – Yeah.
– …hard nose bit. Except I can’t
fire my nose off. It’s big enough, I’d say.
It kind of looks like that. Offensive. I think my favorite creature
we filmed today was
the Mata Mata turtle. Do you mean your favorite
as in, like, it was cute? I just liked
everything about it. It’s such an interesting
way to eat. – Yeah?
– Yeah, ’cause the amount of
volume it suddenly gets. It doesn’t have
a very fat neck until it
absorbs all that water. Dan:Then it gets a fat neck
Very jowly all of a sudden.
Where do you typically
find those turtles?
They’re found in the rivers and streams of South America
in the Amazon. So they just sit in–
they just wait for stuff
to float by in the stream? Yeah, because of
how they look. – They look like dry leaves.
– Yeah. Webster:
And their noses are like
straws with a hook out.
Gav:It almost had
a tiny pig nose almost.
– Webster:Yeah.
It was very similar.When they poke their noses out,
the prey can’t see them. So it’s almost like
they use it as a snorkel and they just–
it’s like a camouflage snorkel. I feel like
if you just saw the head, you’d think,
“What am I looking at?” Dan:
A leaf.
We saw that when
the Gaboon Viper struck,it left a little bit of venom
on the holder for the mouse.
How much venom does it
typically inject into a prey?
They can inject
however much they want. Sometimes they don’t
inject at all. But a full grown Gaboon Viper
can inject about this much. That’s about
six milliliters. It’s enough to put down
a bull elephant. – Yeah.
– That seems unnecessary. Well, you know,
wouldn’t have to– – wouldn’t have to hunt
for the rest of his life.
– Hungry snake. That’s so much.
Like, visually that’s so much. Imagine that in your veins. – Oh.
– You’d be toast. How long–
if this all went into you, – how long would you
have to live?
– I don’t know. I don’t think anyone
has tried and lived to tell. It’s probably a good thing
that we don’t know that. – Thanks very much, Webster,
for your help today.
– No problem. – It’s been interesting.
– Had a lot of fun. – Back to you Gav and Dan.
– Thanks, us. Now that we’re back
and we’ve got all our footage downloaded,
why don’t we time exactly – how long that
snake strike was?
– Yeah, sounds good. Let’s take a look. Here is our
Gaboon Viper footage. So, on paper,
these bad boys strike
at between 500ths and 900ths of a second. – Is that right?
– Yes, it is. Okay, so we’ve got
our timecode up here, and we’ll play
and we’ll time it.You’ll notice that there’s
absolutely no pre-movement.
It’s from zero to
“I’m eating the rat.”
Dan:It just looks like
the rest of everything
is completely frozen,
not moving in time.
So, 40–
– Gav:It’s pretty much in.Dan:Yeah, he hasn’t
struck down yet.
That’s 50–
so that’s the minimum.
There you go.Gav:
.06 of a second.
– Tell you what we should do.
– Yeah? Your blink from birds. Three, two, one, play. – Absolutely smashed me.
– Right? – Yeah?
– We’ll play it side by side. – Be a good comparison.
– And we’ll see if you blink, do you actually miss it? I feel like
I’m gonna lose again here. Gav:And go.( chiptunes playing )Okay, so we’ve learned
a lot about our snake. Why don’t we now time
the tongue of the chameleon? – Okay.
– That’ll be good. Chameleon’s up.
It’s got a nice little
blap going on. – Blap?
– Bleh. He’s already sort of got
his tongue out a little bit – as, like, a pre-bang.
– Yeah. He sort of eases
the tongue out, and it’s– Bap! All right,
let’s play this.So, the actual shoot off bit
is bloody fast.
40 milliseconds from
when he’s sort of like– to when he actually
smashed the bug. He’s faster
than the Gaboon Viper.( chiptunes playing )– So he’s winning so far?
– Yep, he’s winning. Let’s have a look
at the turtle. Turtle’s up.
We’re gonna start the timer right before
his gob starts moving. – Okay.
– “Gob” is English for “mouth.” Okay, let’s play it.So, I guess this one
would vary
depending on the size
of the fish, but, yeah,
about 8/100ths of a second?
Yeah.( chiptunes playing )So the speed
of all these animals, if we added up
the total amount of time– –it’s less than a second.
Yeah.Why don’t we, in real time, play each one back to back? That was quick. – Wasn’t that quick?
– It was quick. All right,
shall we now move on to our turtle experiment? – Yeah.
– All right. Look, okay, I lost
the blink to the bird. – Yeah.
– I want to claw one back. So you think
you can beat the turtle? Let me see.
Let’s put some popcorn on here. I’m gonna try
and suck it into my gob quicker than the turtle did. Bit smaller than a fish.
Bit lighter. – Not really a fair comparison.
– Just film it. I’ll get on the camera. All right, Dan,
a thousand frames a second. Let’s see if you’re faster
than a turtle. Ready when you are. All right, I guess. Okay. – ( coughs )
– ( laughs ) That was actually
quite good. ( Dan chokes, groans ) Slow motion gold. – Did I win?
– Well, let’s see. Let’s see. Did you win? I’ll tell you what, it’s pretty– it’s up there. But anything can be quick
if you only do it – a millimeter
through the air.
– Oh! – ( Dan groans )
– End of experiment? – Yes.
– Gav: Yeah. Well, there we go. Today we learned
a lot about fast animals and a lot about Dan’s mouth. A little too much
about my mouth. – Way too much.
– All right. Hopefully,
you enjoyed that video, feel free to subscribe
to the Slow Mo Guys, and make sure you check out
other episodes from “Planet Slow Mo”
over here. Yeah. – Dan says yeah.
– Yeah.

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