(upbeat music) – Good morning, clan. Welcome to Thursday. We’re here at
Meemaw and Papa’s house, getting ready to head
out to our destinations. Boys are in here
brushing their teeth, getting ready to
see all the girls, all the volleyball girls. Yeah, brush them teeth,
brush them teeth, you forgot a hat,
better do your hair. – I don’t need a hat.
– [Clintus] No, you do, look at, do you see this?
– Ah. It’s long enough
now to do it or a hat. – Eee. – [Clintus] You
need to do your hair. Girls, tell him, he
needs to do his hair. (laughs) – Mike, you ready? – [Clintus] Everybody’s
doing breakfast, everyone’s doing doughnuts, and there is our
little volleyball player. You guys rocking
pink for the first game? – Yep.
– [Clintus] First day? I like it, I like it. One five.
– Yep. – [Clintus] Sorry I’m
missing it, good luck, I’ll see you in the vlogs. – [Man] Are you guys, you
guys are gonna be competing or you guys are gonna be
competing at GuardianCon, right? – [Man 2] Correct. – [Man 3] Yeah, they have a
$50,000 tourney, and– (woman singing “The
Star-Spangled Banner”) (whistle blows) (spectators cheer and clap) (whistle blows) – [Tiffany] Yes. We’re on a little snack
break outside in between. So we lost the first one. – Yeah. – [Tiffany] And then
we have the break, and then we ref,
and then we play play. – Yeah.
– [Tiffany] Right? – I think so. (whistle blows) – [Tiffany] Tip. – [Papa] Oh. – [Papa] Once
you’re old like me. (laughing) – [Bryce] Ah. – [Tiffany] You
just ruined my clip. – [Girl] Out. – [Tiffany] Right
in the middle, Abby. Oh. Easy, easy. Nice set, and smash it. Oh.
– [Papa] Oh. There we go. – [Tiffany] There we go. – [Papa] Needed that win. (laughs) Needed that. – Go, go, go, go. – Go, go, go. (girls shout) – [Tiffany] Yes. – [Bryce] I believe in you. – [Tiffany] Woohoo. – [Bryce] Yeah. – [Tiffany] Are
you even watching, bud? – No. I heard, I heard. – [Tiffany] Might
as well just do this. – [Bryce] Ah, I’m
still alive, I’m still alive. Oh, darn it.
(laughing) – [Mason] Come on, Sierra.
Woo! – [Bryce] Woo. (clapping) – [Tiffany] Bryce, stop. – [Mason] Come on, Sierra.
– [Tiffany] Game point. – [Bryce] One more, one more. – [Tiffany] Woo, oh, no. – [Meemaw] Oh,
I thought it was in. – [Chrissy] In, in, in, in. – [Tiffany] Perfect. – [Meemaw] Let’s go, girls.
(clapping) – [Bryce] All the
wins win by two, dangit. – [Tiffany] One more,
game point. – [Bryce] I’m so excited.
I got so excited. – [Mason] Game point. – [Tiffany] Help it, help it. Over. – [Bryce] Ah. – [Mason] Over.
– [Chrissy] Come on, come on, come on, girls.
– [Tiffany] Nice. Talk, talk.
– Effort. (spectators cheering) – [Bryce] One more. – [Mason] You’ve got this. – [Tiffany] Yes,
there you go, needed that. Woohoo.
– [Bryce] Yeah. That was intense. – Alright, party people. I am here at my hotel,
GuardianCon, 2017. Super excited about it,
my buddy, my good friend, Chuck aka RynoRanger, if
you’re from my Twitch streams, you know RynoRanger,
mod extraordinaire. He’ll be joining
me later this evening. He’s on a late flight, I didn’t realize he
was flying in so late, but he’s a workaholic,
so he knows, he’s gotta, he’s trying to get as
much work done as he can, and he’s flying from coast to
coast, ’cause he’s from Cali, So I can’t expect
him until later tonight, which means I’m
free for the evening now, so that’s weird. So yeah, I’m gonna unpack. So I’ve been unpacking my bags, getting my laptop set up
so I can download the clips from Tiffany’s camera, and now I’m going to
go walk down the street, there’s a big giant
meet and greet going on, but I’m thinking
that I need to eat first, it’s dinnertime. So if that place is too packed to sit down and get some food, I’m going to have
to find another place, which I think,
if I’m not mistaken, there’s a Five
Guys Burger and Fries between me and that meet
and greet, or that meetup, ’cause I ate there last year. If that’s the case, I’m eating
burgers and fries tonight. Either way, guys,
the next couple of days, I’m here in Tampa,
and I’m hanging out with a bunch of
my streaming friends, a bunch of Destiny creators, a bunch of awesome people, and so the vlogs on my end
for the next couple of days are gonna be
centered around that. Tiffany’s gonna be,
and the kids at volleybell, and hanging out with
Meemaw and Papa, and the Bevos, and my side’s gonna be
GuardianCon, streamers and just nerds, a bunch
of nerds, I’m a nerd guy, I’m hanging out
with a bunch of nerds, it’s gonna be a
nerdy time, so stay tuned, should be a good time. – Day one is complete. We’re ending the day with… – One out of three games won. – Yeah, two losses and one win, but we ended with a win, so that’s always
a good thing, right? Ending with a win? So yeah, go back to
Meemaw’s and Papa’s, probably get in the pool,
’cause pretty hot out here. And then day two’s tomorrow. – Alright, so I’m done
with volleyball for the day and now we’re back at
Meemaw’s and Papa’s house and we, as in me, Mason and
Bryce, are going to go swimming in Meemaw’s and Papa’s
pool, which we haven’t done in about a year, to be honest. We haven’t been swimming
in this pool for so long, and I’m so
excited because we have so many cool memories here. – Guys don’t
even go in the water. – It’s like 89 degrees.
– [Sierra] Yeah. – Don’t even feel the water. – [Sierra] We’ve got the
diving board, which I’m super excited about because
our pool is just shallow. And that used to be the thing, just jumping off
the diving board, so I’m super excited, and yeah. So we’re gonna play in the pool. – [Meemaw] Oh, you guys got up? – [Tiffany] They have a
friend, did you see the friend? Oh, there he goes, no,
he’s like, hey, it feels good. – Push it toward this. – [Meemaw] Aw. – Yeah. It looked
so cute, though. – [Papa] It’s gettin’ old,
must have a hard time flyin’. – We gotta go this way. – No, no, Bryce. – [Tiffany] Hey,
you guys having fun? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – We’re acting like this is
our boat and these are paddles and we’re going on a
scuba diving adventure. – [Tiffany] Scuba
diving adventure? – And I’m the captain
and I get passengers and take them scuba diving. – [Tiffany] Nice. – Got your goggles, sir.
– Yes. – Whoa, face it hard.
– You’re like the employees. You guys are like employees. – Mom, can you
pull this chair forward? – [Tiffany] Forward? – This way, this way. – We got more? – [Tiffany] For what? Oh, you’re hooking it up. – Yeah. – [Tiffany] Can
I get you this one? – Hey, it doesn’t fit. – [Tiffany] What a bummer. – I’m trying to find something
that’s good for the dock that’ll actually, I was
looking for the gun, but the gun’s not heavy enough. All right, guys, we
have to find a dock. It’s our new mission. – So it’s pasta night, we’re gonna carb
you up for tomorrow, get you all energized,
is that what we do? – [Chrissy] Yeah, carb it up.
– Carb it up. Sierra’s the noodle
tester, like always. Are they done?
– Mhmmm. – Yep, okay. – The real way to know, – [Tiffany] The real way. – Grab a piece,
– [Tiffany] Yep. – Throw it on the wall. – [Tiffany] It’s sticking. – [Sierra] If it sticks,
then it stays, it’s good – [Tiffany] It’s done. – [Sierra] Yep. – [Tiffany] You could just
eat that bowl full of noodles just like that. – [Sierra] Yeah.
– [Tiffany] Here you go, Sierra. Mouthful, oh,
don’t burn your tongue. – More sauce.
– [Papa] More sauce? – [Tiffany] Would
you like some more sauce? – Yes, please. – [Tiffany] Good night. – [Boys] Good night. – [Tiffany And
Bryce] See you tomorrow – At Sierra’s tournament. – Yeah.
– Bye. – [Tiffany] Bye. – Alright guys,
we’re back in the hotel room, by we, I mean Chuck,
aka RynoRanger, Colin, aka McCarty and Cola, two awesome
members of my community. We’re back at the hotel room, I’m downloading
clips from Tiffany, I gotta edit tonight. And it’s like 2:00 A.M. And I gotta get
up at like seven, ’cause I gotta be at the
convention center at eight, so yeah, it’s gonna
be rough tomorrow, but I’m excited. I had a good time,
I didn’t vlog a whole lot ’cause we were in a
bar and it was noisy, it was loud, there were
like adult things going on and loud noises and
swearing and cussing, so you know, it’s
not very vlog-friendly, but hopefully
you enjoyed the vlog, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow, for the day one
of GuardianCon 2017. – [Chuck] And it’s gonna be
awesome, it’s gonna be awesome. – Vlog on. – [Clintus] Yeah. – Vlog on. (upbeat music)

Dennis Veasley

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