Hi. This is Tyler Thayer for Expert Village.
We are going to give you a few tips on how to play tennis. So there’s many ways to watch
tennis. You can watch tennis…go down to your local park and watch some local folks
play a local match. You can watch tennis at night. You can watch tennis during the day.
You can go indoors; there’s indoor facilities. You could join a club. There’s racquet and
tennis clubs, and swim clubs that have tennis facilities indoors and outdoors. Of course,
you can watch tennis on television or you can actually join a USTA league yourself.
So, go down to your local USTA (United States Tennis Association) league, or look up online
at USTA.com and this will tell you local teams and organizations that get together. There’s
male, there’s female, there’s mixed leagues, there’s mixed brackets from young kids to…I
had a tennis partner that was ninety five years old one time. So, tennis is a great
game, go out and enjoy yourself as much as you can. Find a nice cool night and play some
tennis or watch some tennis down in park because it’s a relaxing game. It’s good exercise;
keeps you healthy and people really enjoy it.

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