Hi. This is Tyler Thayer for Expert Village
and we are going to give you a few tips for how to watch tennis. Tennis is a great game
to watch. If you are watching it in person or on television, the more you watch it, the
more you’ll actually understand it. And if you end up having the privilege of playing
tennis, it’s a great sport to play. It gets people out there, you get energy and exercise
and friendships are made. But if you like just to practice, you can join a club, join
a league or just go down to the park and hit a few balls off the wall. You’ll eventually
meet some people and if you like to join a team or a league, you can go online. There
is tennis leagues, there’s USTA.com (the United States Tennis Association). You can join that.
You could self rate yourself. There’s ways of rating yourself if you are just a beginner.
The starting rating is a 2.0, and you can work your way up. If you play in matches and
you play on a team, then you have a winning year, then you can move up to the 3.0 team
and so on…the 3.5 team. It all depends on what you want to do. If you want to do it
for fun, for recreation, for friendship, it’s a great way to watch tennis.

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