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We are going to give you a few tips on how to watch tennis. So in watching tennis or
playing tennis single or doubles, the base line is crucial for any game. This is the
alley shot that a lot of people talk about. It is the hitting the shot down the alley
or down the channel that is used in doubles. Singles is if you notice there is white lines
in the inside that is where single play but doubles players use the outside lines. You
have 2 guys positions or 2 gals position one back to receive the serve. One up at the line
to go towards the net. We have mentioned before that is a advantage of playing at the net
within doubles cause you can get quicker points. In serving or receiving most people serve
it and then move right in to the net to try to counter the opposite, the teams point.
To either smash it with a crashing type serve or just a quick little passing shot. Also
in the returning of the ball some people like to get a little more momentum in returning
the ball. In certain people you would notice that they have different swings. Some people
take a bigger swing. Some people take a lighter swing and there are also different ways to
hold the racquets. So these all vary between what your rating is as a tennis player or
if you are watching different tennis players. They can vary from a 2-0 all the way to 5-0,
6-0. In doubles they actually combine the 2 ratings and combine the score so if one
person is a 2-0 and the other person is a 3-0 the team rating is a 5-0. That is how
they can match up different teams in leagues.

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