Hi, this is Tyler Thayer for Expert Village
and we are going to give you a few tips for how to watch tennis. So, waiting for the serve and serving behind
the baseline. The baseline is key for returning or actually serving the ball, as you can see.
This is a still of serving and the low elevation within the serve and following through with
momentum. Players like that will have a better serve and more speed on serving the ball,
you will notice. While your opponent is ready to serve the ball, they can hit it in different
directions if they are a higher rated player. They might actually be able to serve it within
the box by slicing it for a faster ball down the middle. It all just depends on the rating
and how much experience they have in playing tennis. This can vary between singles and
doubles, of course. Sometimes people just get lucky with their serve and they take it
as an accomplishment. But, practice makes perfect.

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