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too. I love wearing a nice, crisp, white sneaker,
especially in the summer, I think they just look so great. But, it’s a little bit hard to keep them
white. I’m pretty careful, but still they can get
pretty yucky, pretty quickly. So, I like to keep them nice and clean because
I think it has the opposite effect, if they’re dirty. No crisp – yuk, it’s yucky. So, I am today, going to show you, I have
a couple pair of sneakers that I am going to try to wash. I’ll show you what they look like first,
now. These are my white Nikes that I work out in,
they look pretty bad at the moment, I think. So, I think they could definitely use some
sprucing up. Next are my white Rothy’s, I love these. I’ve been wearing them a lot. They’re not in as bad shape, but they’re
getting – they have a little bit of yuk on them. If you don’t know about Rothy’s they’re
so great, they’re made out of old water bottles. They are 100% sustainable and they’re also
100% washable, so we’re going to give them a little bit of a sprucing too and I’m going
to do them both together. As I mentioned, one of my favorite brands,
and I’m not a spokesperson, I’m not paid or anything by them, is The Laundress. I absolutely love them and I use all of their
products, both in the home, as well as for any kind of laundry needs. So today, these are the products that we are
going to use. I’m going to start with this Stain Solution,
which I absolutely love, I use it on everything, and this stain brush that I bought from them. So, we’re going to first go around and take
all of the stains and kind of use that on the shoe. I ran out of The Laundress’ white detergent,
I am waiting for them—they usually have this big 20% off thing, and I have a bunch
of stuff I need to reorder, so I don’t have that. So, I’m going to kind of play around with
a couple other of their products. I’m going to wash them in the signature
detergent, and at the same time in the washing machine, I’m going to put the all purpose
bleach and this vinegar. I think the vinegar is going to take any kind
of yucky smell away and t hen the all purpose also smells really great. So, I’ll take you in the other room and
show you how I’m going to stain part of them, we’ll pop them in the washer and I’ll
take them out and show you what they look like. Okay, here we go. We’re going to start using this Stain Solution
here to get some of the stains and yucky stuff out. So, here’s how I do it. I love the stain brush, like I said, that
The Laundress makes that you can buy off of their website and I get that wet. This is just plain water that I have in here,
I’m just going to get that kind of wet. I usually do it over by the sink. So, you can see here’s a stain right here
on the Rothy’s that I’m going to try to get. So, a lot of times what I’ll do, is I will
just put the Stain Solution right on the brush, that’s kind of the easiest for me, because
it’s pretty concentrated. So, next I’m just going to go here and take
it and just get it really good and sudsy all in here. You can see a lot of it already just came
out just doing that. I’m just going to go all around here, wherever
I’m finding a stain. [Music] These guys, I mean they’re pretty bad. Pretty bad. So, I think I’m even going to just put the
Stain Solution like all on here and take the brush and then just put it in. Now, I don’t expect it to get all out in
this manner, but it will be a nice, good coating to have on it when I put it in with all of
the bleach and everything else. So, yeah, you can see it’s already much,
much better, just with a little bit of the Stain Solution. So, I think these are going to turn out pretty
well. [Music] Now I have the Stain Solution on everything,
I feel pretty comfortable about it. So, the next thing, before we pop them into
the washing machine, I’m going to take all of the insole parts out. The Rothy’s, they have this nice, thick
little lining that is wonderful, but I’m going to take them out so that those get nice
and washed well. Then, I have these Dr. Scholl inserts that
I wear inside my regular tennis shoes. I’m going to take those out and wash all
of this together but separately, in the same bin though. [Music] Okay, I’m going to wash them in cold water. So, I’m here at my washing machine and I’m
just going to go on the actual Regular System, I’m going to make it large, but I’m going
to do it all in cold water. The first thing I’m going to do is pop in
the signature detergent. I’m going to put eight capfuls in here. [Music] Next, I am going to put some All Purpose Bleach
in here to make them nice and white. I think I’m just going to shake it up good. I can probably put capfuls, but I’m going
to play it by ear and just shake a little bit of that in there. Finally, the Scented Vinegar. This stuff smells so good and it’s really
going to take any of the stinky-ness out of my shoes. So, I’m just going to squirt like about
five or six of these squirts in here just to kind of give it a nice little smell. Now just throw them in. [Music] Okay, fingers crossed this turns out well. The washer went off, so this is the big reveal,
I haven’t looked at them myself yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, first time
I’ve really done it like this, so let’s see what happens. Okay. Oh wow, check out the Rothy’s. Oh my God, they look brand new. Brand spanking new. Wow. They smell great too. Rothy’s don’t really stink anyway. Oh my gosh, look the white, look at these. These also look significantly better. Wow! That came out really, really, really well. Oh, I’m super happy. These also smell really good. This one looks great, even the bottoms. This is really something to do. Okay, here’s the other—these honestly
look brand new. Can you tell? They look brand new. Wow! And then these little pieces as well came
out just fine, smell really good. So, I will go ahead and put those back in,
they didn’t shrink in any way, shape or form. Again, it was all in cold water. So, what I’m going to do now, is take these,
and I like to air dry them. You can put them in the dryer, from what I
understand, but I don’t like doing that. I’m going to air dry them and they are just
going to have a new life. To me they look brand new, way, way cheaper
and easier doing this than, my opinion, taking them to like a shoe place or something, which
I’ve done in the past with these. It was kind of expensive and they turned out
exactly—I mean just better. Wow! The Laundress, you are wonderful. Please let me know if you wash your white
sneakers. If they turn out well like this, if you had
a different system, leave that in the comments below. But, I’m super happy. I can have nice, white, crisp sneakers again
for the summer. Thank you so much for tuning in, I really
appreciate it. Until next time, have fun and dress it up
a little.

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