– Hey guys! Scott and Nate here. From PlayYourCourt. Today
we’re going to show you how to warm up like the pros. So, not like Nate. – Wow, that’s so rude. – Alright guys, so Scott and I came out and hit a couple balls today. And because we’re super old, and about 100 injuries
between the two of us, we decided – – About 99 of them are his. I got 99 problems, and injuries’ one. – Is that totally necessary? – Yeah! I don’t know, sorry. – We decided that we were gonna warm up. All right, and so we went
ahead and we hit some laps and did some of the
stuff that we basically do to get ready, um you know. No static stretching to start. That’s important guys, for you out there. Like, the static stretching
happens afterwards. Okay? Right now we just did
some dynamic stretching, some laps. But, we were gonna do a little workout, uh to continue the warmup. And we thought it would
be fun if we went ahead and filmed it. Uh, These drills are not ours. These are drills – – Stolen. – Stolen, yeah. By someone much, much smaller than us in sports science and kinesiology. A lot of this stuff is taught at the high performance that
we actually incorporate in our high performance academies. Um, and if you look around, you’ll actually see some of the top guys doing a lot of these drills as well. – Cool. Let’s take a look. Again, a
lot of these are just fun. So don’t think too hard about it. – Yeah, have a a good time with it. – Alright guys, so the first drill we’re face to face here
at the center service line I’m gonna toss the ball over Nate’s head. He’s gotta let it bounce once. He’s gonna track it down. Make this as challenging as
you want for your friends. That was an easy one, Nate. He’s being nice, but I’m not as nice. (ball bouncing) One more time here, make it hard. Ugh, that’s too easy. Just working on the quick explosion. And tracking that ball. – And guys, what you’ll see there. This is a really good exercise to start tracking down lobs. And we could make this
a lot more challenging. A little nice just for the demo. But as far as turning and
tracking down that lob this is a great exercise. – For sure. – Alright, let’s hop into another one. Alright guys, so the next
drill that we’re gonna do we’ve got our trusty friend, the medicine ball here. And we’re gonna start off cooperative. We’re just gonna get loose, we’re gonna work through the stroke. This is actually fantastic for the core. And kind of the driving power of what you’re gonna find on the stroke. We’re gonna start off cooperative. Then we’re gonna play a game after, what? Maybe four or five throws. We’re gonna start playing points. If the ball bounces twice,
he’ll lose the point. – We’re just using the two service boxes to be clear here. – Two boxes. Alright, here we go! – Let’s get it! (ball bounces) – I think it’s probably
about time to compete! – Game on! – Oh, the no-looker! Little crop shot! Oh, dear! – Oh yeah, that’s a point! That’s a point, let’s go! – Double or nothing! – Run it back? – Run it back. – Let’s go. – (laughing) – Oh, dear! Spread that court! (Heavy breathing) – (Laughing) – Got ’em with the no-looker! Sorry, had to go double-or-nothing I don’t handle losing very well I hope you’re gonna talk
because I’m out of breath. – I was gonna say man, you’re
breathing really heavy. – (Exhales)
– So you can see there- – Those are a lot heavier than Oreos – (Laughing) – Gotta tell you what, man. – Guys, so you can see
just a really good drill working on getting warmed up, that kinetic chain of really using the legs to drive the medicine ball. I’m a little out of breath too. – Yeah! I know, it’s no joke! – Yeah. Good times. You should definitely try that, we’ll show you a couple more, let’s take a look at the
next one. All right guys, so in this one we’re gonna
start warming up the reflexes. And we’re gonna do a
little bit of volleying back and forth. And we’re gonna try to work down the net and back as many times as we can. Until Scott messes it up. – That’s not nice or true – (Laughs)
– We’re jumping to it anyway. – Let’s go. – Soft hands Oh! That was tricky! Oh, let’s keep going. Come on! Come on! – Are you ready though? Uh-oh, going back this way. – Soft hands, baby! One more time? – Oh showing off! (Laughing) (Panting) No! – You got all the cool
tricks that I missed. – I know. – He wasn’t hitting the balls to me. – Mine’s better. – All right so another little drill there, that, just quick reflexes we’re still breathing. But we’re starting to warm up the hands and tracking the ball with the eyes. Because at the end of the day
it’s all about eye-hand, yeah? – Most definitely. You
gotta warm up your eyes. I know people think that’s ridiculous, but it’s like, it’s a muscle in your body, you gotta engage before you start playing. – Yeah guys out there, don’t-
when you go the tennis court don’t go right back to the
baseline and start hitting balls. Whether you’re warming up or it’s mini tennis or whatever, give yourself a chance
to actually warm up. All right we got one more to look at. – Let’s do it my man. – I’m dominating you in this, I am. All right guys so we’re
gonna show you one more. We got a bunch of these, so we just grabbed a
few of our favorite ones we’ll show you a few more.
This is not your favorite one. I like it. – Go on. – He’s horrible at it. We’re gonna play toe tag. All right and it’s essentially
just what it sounds like. Basically we’re gonna
stay in the service boxes. He’s gotta tag my toes with his toes. And if he does, then I’m it
and I have to get his toes. – Can you please tell them that you learned this from Roger Federer
before they think we’re- I mean- To make this not sound ridiculous, we learned this from Roger
Federer, so it must be okay. – Yeah I saw, we saw a video of him, um, actually doing this with Severin Luthi. And he was having a blast with it. Um, and just cracking up. I was like, “What on
Earth are they doing>” They basically said it was toe tag. So, uh, we’ve incorporated
it in our academies. I’m gonna make Scott warm up with it. Now here’s one important note, If you step on someone’s
toe, right, maybe, probably reach out and grab them. – Yeah be careful here, we
don’t wanna see rolled ankles, we don’t wanna see you
stomping on people’s toes, I know Nate’s a little overweight, he could really hurt me seriously if he- – All the jokes, today, man.
– Clamps down on me. – All the jokes. All
right so how this works is Scott and I are gonna
start on the middle line. When Trevor, our main
man behind the camera says go, we’re gonna start. He’s gonna put 30 seconds on the clock, and the game is over whoever is it loses. Ordinarily it’d be like three minutes but Scott’s really out of
shape so we’ll do 30 seconds. – He’s right – [Trevor] Go. – [Scott] All right go. (Trevor laughs) – [Trevor] Well that seems unfair. (Laughing) (Feet shuffling) – Oh come on! – Dude we made this good
30 seconds, (mumbles). I’m so good at this game. (Laughing) All right. Just to give Scott a chance I will be it and I’ll tag his feet. And um. – I came here to have fun,
not having fun at all. – It’s like Frankenstein’s being- being chased by Frankenstein. – Got him! You’re it. All right. – I’m back at the line, I’m
getting your feet this time. (Exhales) Say “Go” Trevor. – [Trevor] Go. – Yeah, oh! (Laughing) – That easy! He’s so bad at it! All right bring it in loser. – I may be out of breath, but I’m also really bad at toe tag. – So like three seconds, toe tagged. – All right. – So little fun games here. The thing is you’re not gonna-
– I’m gonna go throw up. – You’re not gonna do these things if it’s not fun. So variety is really the spice of life for these, uh, these exercises. – Spice of life indeed, mate. – Yeah man. – I would tell you more
about our community but I’m too tired, so. Like our video, subscribe to our channel, write in the comments where
I can go to lose some weight. (Laughing) We’ll talk to you guys soon. – See you soon guys.

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  2. Sorry guys not what I expected. I think warming up with a tennis ball and racket is best. When i warm up (against my opponent) I like to test there backhand , volley etc.. I think you could do yourself a injury tossing that medicine ball around.

  3. Hey men my from is Colombia and i don`t speak very weel english.ok. i like the forehand that nick kyrgios and i saw two videos in your channel.i dont`t understand good the grip him.What is the grip of nick kyrgios.and another question. you can do a video show the tips or trick or how to have a good forehand with that grip.thank you make good videos.

  4. The problem is that in most places in the world 1h tennis costs not few Money. Then we can not waste time warming up without a racket…

  5. Hi Nate and Scott, a fan and subscriber of your videos. Please keep up with the good work!

    Can you guys do a video on how to properly utilise short-court / mini tennis for warm-up? Some points I'd like to reaffirm are:
    1) calibrating spacing and timing
    2) utilise kinetic chain (how?) without over-hitting
    3) top-spin vs slice

    Thank you again and much appreciated.

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