Speaker: Alright. So the volley in tennis. We speak about a volley. Sometimes the inexperienced player thinks
that volleying is just hitting the ball back and forth. No. Volleying is when you take the ball before
it bounces on your side of the net. There’s a forehand volley. There’s a backhand volley. If you hit a volley from back around the baseline
it’s still a volley. So wherever you hit the ball prior to it bouncing
that’s a volley. The volley that typically we think about is
up at the net. But I think it’s a nice skill for a player
to be able to volley from any place in this big tennis court. Speaker: That’s right. I agree. And I think that you can have what’s called
a swinging volley which is where you might take more of a swing. A different type of volley. A volley is generally again a ball taken out
of the air with a continental grip. And you meet the ball out in front. And you try to create a little backspin. But back there you might want to take what
we call a swinging volley because if you just punch it from way back in the court the ball’s
not going to have enough velocity. So what you might want to do is do a swinging
volley where it almost looks like a ground stroke. But it’s a volley because you’re hitting it
before the ball bounces. Most people confuse the word “volley” and
“rally”. A volley is when you hit a ball before it
bounces. A rally is when you hit the ball back and
forth and you have a point. That’s a rally. So don’t confuse the two. Speaker: If you choose to try that swing volley
that Joe speaks about try not to do it with the ball down around your ankles. And try not to do it on a fast-approaching
ball. Make it be a bit of a marshmellow that you’re
in midcourt that you feel like you can get a good swing at. Speaker: That’s right. And the volley is often a shot that you do
at the net to end a point. You don’t want to be at the net hitting 18
volleys and then a point. That’s not going to win the point. So you want to master the ability to punch
that ball to a corner to end the point. Again, a volley is a ball that’s hit out of
the air before it bounces.

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