How to Use Old Tennis Balls. Don’t throw away your old tennis balls. Recycle them using these 7 helpful tips. You will need Trailer hitch Knife Senior center
Kickstand Animal shelter Clothes dryer Car antenna Chairs (optional) and desks (optional). Step 1. Protect your trailer hitch by using the ball
as a cover. Step 2. Cut a slit in the balls and give them to a
senior center to make skid stoppers on the legs of walkers. You can also use them under chair or desk
legs. Step 3. Prevent your bike from sinking into mud or
grass by sticking a ball on the end of the kickstand. Step 4. Donate them to an animal shelter for the dogs
to play with. Step 5. Throw a few washed tennis balls in the dryer
to fluff up the laundry and knock out any lumps. Step 6. Put a tennis ball on top of your antenna to
locate your car in a crowded parking lot. Step 7. Squeeze a tennis ball in your hand to relieve
stress and increase hand strength. Keep yourself and the planet healthy by recycling. Did you know In 2003, a golden retriever named
Augie set a world record for holding 5 tennis balls in his mouth at one time.

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Dennis Veasley

27 thoughts on “How to Use Old Tennis Balls”

  1. @lanceocallaghan1 im guessing they were standard sized tennis balls…actually, aren't they all supposed 2 be the same size, except 4 ones made different sizes for very specific purposes?

  2. @lanceocallaghan1 idk o.O lik tennis balls 4 children so they just decided 2 make is small cuz they think children need small tennis balls, or cute decorations (but i'd doubt tht sell) or just having the biggest tennis ball in the world, sumthin lik tht…

  3. What…the…fuck? k….(Step 7) when your a virgin and your friends dont like you Shove a Tennis ball up your ass it helps Everything!

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