Hey everybody, I’m Steph. This is PT To-Go.
I’m a physical therapist and today I want to talk about those
upper back aches and pains. And one of the best ways I’ve found to deal with them is
using a tennis ball. So stay tuned.
You can do a self trigger point release with a tennis ball. All you need is the ball and
a wall or the floor. So you can also lie on the floor and just
put this in different areas. I like the wall obviously because you
can move yourself up and down, side to side and really get into those knotted areas.
So what you want to do is if you find spots that are really sore, like “Hey, ooh, that
hurts,” stay on that for up to a minute and that will cause a release.
So essentially what you’re doing is cutting off the blood
supply to that muscle knot that’s been created and that forces it to release, so then pain
goes away. It’s magic.
And that’s it. If you’re dealing with upper back aches and pains, try a tennis ball to
get relief. Thanks for watching everyone. Share with family
and friends so that we can all stay on the go, happy
and healthy as long as we can.

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