(HOW TO…) My name is Nicola Spirig, I’m the Olympic champion
in triathlon. And today, I will show you how to mount a bike
the fastest way after the swim. (MOUNTING FAST) Now, first, it’s important that you
don’t have too big a gear, so don’t put it
on the biggest gear. If you mount the bike
after the swim and you have the gear
in a big gear, you can’t start.
It’s too heavy to start. So make sure you have
a light gear in the back, so you can jump on the bike
after the swim and start riding quickly. Second… ..don’t put the shoes
on the ground. Leave the shoes on the bike, and I’ll show you
how to have them level, so you can mount the bike
and put the shoes on while you’re riding away. You get some little elastics,
you cut them… ..and you fix your shoes. Normally, they have some laces
in the back. You lace the elastics. You tie it to the bike… ..so that the shoe is levelled. Same on the other side. You put the elastic
in the lace, you fix it. Normally you can tie it
to the frame or to one of
the bottle holders. You cut the rest
of the elastic away. Make sure the lace is open. And now when you’re coming
out of the swim and want to mount your bike, you push it to the mount line and then you get
directly on your bike. Because the shoes
are levelled, it’s easy – you can either jump
on the bike, or you can
make a step on your shoe… ..and get on the shoe. Normally, the elastic
gets away from itself. You sprint, you get some speed, and then, when you have
some speed on the bike… ..you put the shoes on. Tie it, get some speed again, put the other shoe on… ..and you’re on your way. Now you know exactly
how to mount a bike the fastest way
after a swim in a triathlon. I hope it improves you, or it makes you start
into the sport easy. (HOW TO…)

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Dennis Veasley

45 thoughts on “How to Transition to the Bike in Triathlon ft. Nicola Spirig | Olympians’ Tips”

  1. did that in my first triathlon, but had the shoes switched….
    Had to hold on, get off, switch and put them on.
    Nice griptape btw.

  2. this is the first time i've seen someone mount the shoes this way, everybody does it the othet way around, right shoe front attached to the front derailleur cage with the elastic band, and left shoe attached to the quick-release skewer at the back.

  3. Pretty cool. I don't race nor am I in good physical shape but still cool to see the little things people come up with.

  4. How do you mount that way when the bike moving? Looks a lot easier to do when the bike is static and fixed to a support…

  5. Merci, merci, merci! Jetzt habe den Trick endlich verstanden: Man tritt auf den mit Gummibändern befestigten Schuhen in die Pedale und schlüpft dann "in Ruhe" in die Schuhe, sobald man ordentlich Geschwindigkeit aufgenommen hat. Sobald man rollt, kann man relativ ruhig in die Schuhe hineingleiten, während die Hände die Schuhe fixieren (erst die eine, dann die andere Seite).

  6. Ага , умная такая , а ты попробуй показать как быстро в туфлю всунуть мокрую ногу… в носках она одевает…

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