In this video, I’m gonna show you how to
optimize your wall practice. I’m going to show you some great drills where you can
improve your accuracy on the wall and all you need is tape. In this case I
prefer using blue tape because regular tape kind of blends in with the wall and
the first target I’m gonna make is a big rectangle. The next target is an upside-down
triangle and the purpose of this drill is to work on net clearance. Basically
you want to aim for the top part of the triangle and it’s going to give you a
nice height over the net. Here we have a regular triangle. This is
great for low trajectory shots such as the backhand slice and basically you’re
gonna aim for the bottom piece of the triangle. Here we have two rectangles and the
purpose of having two is that now we can alternate between forehands and backhands and we can also get a little bit on the run. Make sure not to put the
rectangles too far apart from each other or it’s going to be impossible to chase
down the balls. Having them this close is already going to be hard enough. And here we have a small rectangle that’s very close to the net and this is
perfect for practicing serves. You can set this up anywhere along the wall but I
prefer to work on wide serves. So now what’s going to happen if I hit a serve
into the rectangle the ball is gonna ricochet off the wall and it’s gonna go
right to me and I don’t have to pick it up. You want to make sure that the
rectangle is as small as possible it could be even smaller than this, because
if we make it too high and we’re hitting the top part of the rectangle it’s a
good chance that serve is going out so as small as possible and very close to
the net. What I recommend at the very end of your
target practice is to actually remove all the targets and just hit against the
wall and check how your consistency and accuracy is. There’s a good chance it’s
going to be a lot better.

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Dennis Veasley

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