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Dennis Veasley

6 thoughts on “How To Train Doubles Like A College Tennis Player”

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  2. Very useful tips there, esp. in terms of that reference to watching for the opponent's racket to dip, as a signal that a rising ball is coming back … much appreciated gents.

  3. When partner hits hard it is easier to try to anticipate returns. How do deal with slower hitters? Usually one has to try to distract but not really go because opponents get too much time with slower balls.
    Also…when opponents return a fast ball and partner blocks at baseline, most times balls are sitters to be put away. No real defense there.

  4. What was really helpful for my high school team was the demonstration at the 7 min mark which shows the net man being totally ineffective. So plan B is to have both players back at the baseline (double back) with the mindset that this defensive position is only temporary as we eventually want one or both players attacking the net.  We (my high school team and my fellow recreational players) would really appreciate more doubles videos …..for example: how and when to poach, net player positioning, switching, shading etc. Thank you gentleman. Keep up the great work!

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