OK, we have three new tennis prospects here,
this is Aiden, Mia and Jasmine. They’ve played just a little bit but we’re going to say they’re
probably still on the first stage of their tennis journey to the top. So they’re going
to show, we’re going to have them hit against the wall and then we’re going to do some other
drills with the kids and this will just give you parents out there an idea of some things
you can do with the kids that will help improve their game and you’ll have a lot of fun with
them. So you can see, these are pretty fun looking children for the most part until you
might ask them to pick up balls or something. But we’re going to have young Aiden, who’s
going to hit against the wall first. So Mia and Jasmine, come stand by me and Aiden, let’s
see you hit against the wall, OK? So just try to keep it in play, good, OK? Now, Mia’s
going to go in so Aiden, come on over and stand by me. So I want you to try to keep
it in play, Mia. OK? Then you just keep trying and have some fun and you can laugh. Try this
OK? And Mia, come on over here and Jasmine, come on over here and Jasmine, just try to
keep it in play. Good try Jasmine. Go again. Good, alright, alright Mia, you’re doing a
great job, OK, I mean Jasmine, come on over here. So as you can see, the kids are beginners
and one of the things that they need to work on is just basic drills of coordination, so,
throwing and catching and playing a lot of sports. But if you can get them hitting against
the wall with these Nerf balls, you’ll see that the kids will improve pretty quickly.
So we’re going to go on to the next drill in the next segment.

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