O.k., this drill is what you do is called
drop and hit. So I’m going to have the kids drop and hit the ball. And I’m going to work
with one kid individually at a time to try to get them to learn how to groove the swing.
So I’m going to drop the ball for them. Or they can drop for themselves and just going
to try to hit it over the net. So it’s a pretty basic drill. So, Maya hit these over the net.
Jasmine hit these over the net. And Aidan, I’m going to drop one for you. You’re ready?
O.k. Aidan, here we go. Take a big swing. That’s it Aidan, that’s really good. So, Maya
go get another ball. Aidan, you’re ready? Aidan, that’s unbelievably great. Alright,
Aidan. Here we go. You’re ready? that’s pretty good. Now if somebody was sitting in there,
they might have to watch out down. Right? Yeah, so here we go. One more, Aidan. You’re
ready? O.k., alright. So, Aidan you stay there. You grab some tennis balls on your own now.
And hit them. O.k.? So just go back down at that end. And Jasmine, you and I are going
to practice a little bit now. O.k.? So, I want to you to point the racket. Racket back.
And I want to take a nice big swing and hit the ball. Good. Here we go. Alright, add one
more. Now move down Aidan. O.k.? You got to always be careful. You don’t want to get hit
by the kids. It’s happened before. O.k.? So now Jasmine you work on your own. Aidan come
and grab a couple more balls. And Maya, so let me drop a couple for you. That’s really
good Maya. So, Maya step back here. And I’ll drop it for you. O.k.? Ready? Good. Good,
and o.k. So, this is a drop and hit drill. So if you want the kids to little bit to learn
how to do this. Just hit the ball over the net. And when they can start doing that consistently.
You’ve obviously worked the back hands and then you can start having them hit with each
other in addition to the wall and other drills.

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  1. @BonjoviDejavu – Nothing I said was bad, there was no name calling or insults..I simply made an opinion about very basic tennis knowledge. Follow through is "tennis 101" my child learned that @5 yrs old. your sensitivity shows how right I am. & Have you read the other comments about your coach? Tell him if he makes a video on a subject, he should try knowing what he's talking about….Get a grip…

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