Now Mia is our serving prospect here. She’s
never really served before. So, I’m going to show you how to help start a kid to learn
how to serve. So first we want to see if Mia can throw a ball. So Mia let’s just throw
the ball over the net if you can. Okay and try that again. Okay, so you can see that
she’s got a lot of potential. And but, so throwing the ball; so for you parents out
there and all you other beginners; so throwing the ball is a pretty natural serving motion.
So if you can learn to throw, it will help your serving. And what I’m going to do right
now is I’m going to toss the ball for Mia. So, we’re going to have her, stand face me;
okay, racquet up. Now we’re not going to focus on the grip too much right now because it’s
just getting the motor skill is what’s important right now. Now I’m going to toss the ball
up about here and then she’s going to hit, ow. Gosh, these kids are always getting me.
So, and you laugh about it, huh? So, I’m going to toss the ball up and then Mia’s going to
take a nice big swing and try to serve. So Mia here we go. Look at that, that’s pretty
good; not bad for a new player. Wow. Good. So, what we’re doing here is we’re taking
the toss and coordinating the toss and the serve into the multiple motions into one.
So, we’re breaking it down into its parts. So, I’m tossing the ball up so Mia can hit
it. Now, I’m going to have Mia; I want you to try and toss the ball with your left hand
and I want you to try to hit it. Okay, so, Mia’s one of the most natural servers I’ve
ever seen in my life. Oh, now watch out Mia. So, I want you to toss it like that. So as
you can see, safety is important for the coach, for the player and if you have a lot of kids,
you want to make sure they are separated by enough distance so they don’t hit each other.
Watch out Mia; and also for our camera man who is not wearing any protective gear. Okay,
so I’m going to toss one more; one more, Mia. Come on let’s make it a good one. Good, one
more. We got to go out on a good note. Okay, I want you to hit it when it’s at it’s height,
okay. So, don’t let it drop. That’s it. Alright. Mia did a great job. So, give me a high five.

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Dennis Veasley

15 thoughts on “How to Teach Kids Tennis : Tennis Serving Tips for Kids”

  1. This dude needs to get his facts right. Her serve is all over the place and I spotted several faults in that one video alone. If the coach thinks he can convince people Mya is a natural server, he's made a big error.

  2. that coach is a very funny man

    the girls serve motion is actually quite good if she really did just start

    the toss however…

  3. when she's 17 and wondering why all the other juniors are out-serving her, she'll only have this video and a faded memory for comfort as she cries herself to sleep in her uncle's horse, clutching her racket as if it was a hot water bottle, the hot rain beating down as green balls of hell stay etched in her mind. Her coach, Brian, a balding suburbanite with tracksuit bottoms up to his stomach, walks in, a stench of cheap aftershave permeates the room, his stubble covering his face. Mya gulps, the

  4. This is a pretty terrible way to teach kids to serve. Firstly, he should have corrected her throwing motion. She didn't have her hips turned and didn't get any proper weight transfer, two things essential for the serve. Then, he should have taught her to toss. Having her serve right after that would have been bad enough, but him tossing it to her is a horrible idea. Instead, he should have done a few tossing drills (racquet on the ground, cone in hand, to name two) before letting her on her own.

  5. @Quejarse Yeah, but you can't start teaching them the wrong way! That's just going to build bad habits. Take it slowly, step by step, and make small adjustments. I'm not calling for anything major to be done here, but you'd be surprised at how much a kid can develop and learn.

  6. He's pretty brave to be standing so close to her. I would never stand that close to a beginner, let alone toss the ball for them. Good way to get hit.

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