When we have such young talent like we have
here, one of the things that we need to develop is the ability to generate power through the
hip shoulder turn. So we use the medicine ball, enable to teach them to use their hips
and their shoulders to generate the power, versus poking at the ball with their arms
like you see a lot of people do. So, we’re going to start off with Aiden. So Aiden, you’re
going to throw the ball as far as you can, ok? The ball is heavy. So yes, it?s heavy
isn’t it? So, come on, now throw it to me as far as you can. Ok. Next is Mya. Go to
the end of the line ok. Alright, now what we want to do on this one Jasmine, is I want
you to go like this. Take the ball on the ground, ok, so stand, do what I just did.
Right there, now I want you to throw it with your hips. So use your body. Don’t use your
arms. That’s it. So you see how much better she threw it. So Aiden, let’s try that again.
Ok, that’s pretty good. And Mya, I want you to throw it. I want you to, don’t, don’t,
there you go. Look at how much better that was. And Jasmine, now, I caught it. I want
you to throw it from the side. And, ok. So, you can see how the kids improve on each toss.
So as they get good at this, they’re going to use their hips and shoulders and they can
be able to throw the ball pretty far. And that’s going to be how they are going to hit
the ball better and better. So this is just another way of training them how to use the
hip and shoulder turn which is useful for every sport whether it’s golf or baseball
or tennis or whatever you want to do. These are great exercises and they also like throwing
the ball.

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Dennis Veasley

7 thoughts on “How to Teach Kids Tennis : Tennis Core Strength Tips for Kids”

  1. in my opinion the ball is weighed for the kids. I thing that it could injure the kids. What do you think?

  2. When I was that age, the medicine balls were way bigger!
    Good lesson on how to use your body to generate the engery to throw the ball further.

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