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Dennis Veasley


  1. Thanks Adam! I have kids that I'm trying to teach golf to and this video really helps. I am the guy that corrects everything they do. I realize that this can be a hinder to their growth and enjoyment in the game. I'm going to implement the strategies you're teaching in this video. Thanks again!

  2. Great video Adam. My youngest daughter has shown a lot of interest in golf and this winter I am going to get her into it. Keep the great content coming.

  3. Thanks, been teaching my girlfriend how to play and it has been giving me extra range time.

    Might bring a long some M and Ms next time and let her hit a ball or two in the water to keep her spirits high.

  4. Thanks for another great video!  Thanks for listening too.  This is exactly what I asked for about 2 weeks back.  And since then, my son Teo and I have been getting out in the Electric Yamaha Golf Carts, and that alone has raised his interest level several notches!  We played 4 holes this afternoon in the Cart, and he went Bogey, Bogey, Quad Bogey (Long Par 5), and Double Bogey.  Very good golf from a 7.5 year old! … And another massive thanks to you, I went Bogey, Bogey, Par (on Par 5), and Par.  +2 over 4 holes… Just 3-4 months ago, without your help, that would have been +7, roughly!… Thanks again, from Simon & Teo, down at The Sands, Torquay, Australia.

  5. thanks for the help, my 10 year old started learning because she sees me play. your video helps a lot.

  6. Kids are a lot smarter than adults give them credit for… don’t be afraid to give them technique feedback, getting fundamentals down early is the key to avoiding bad habits…it should not take a year to be able to make solid contact!!!!! as long as it remains fun 👍🏼

  7. Great video! Would love to invite you all to my new golf channel where I share tips/tricks for players of all ages! Many thanks and happy golfing!

  8. You had me up into the candy and the little girl sitting between your legs…sorry not with my daughter your not….other than that solid video and ideas.

  9. Great ideas thanks for the help my son just picked up the game and I want him to like it this is the perfect way to keep him having fun

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