– If you’re anything like me, you simply cannot take off
your favorite leggings. But with a little creativity,
you can take full advantage of your comfy leggings while
keeping your style on point. I’m Alexandra, a styling
manager at Stitch Fix, and I’m here to answer the question, how do I wear leggings without looking like I just left the gym? (upbeat music) For a modern and edgy look,
wear a slouchy tee, and a knit moto jacket with your
favorite statement leggings. If you opt for this knit moto jacket, the sweatshirt like material
will keep things comfy and have that athleisurely feel. (upbeat music) If you’re more of a classic
dresser, but still want to feel comfortable, wear your
leggings with styles staples. Like a button up and
an open front cardigan. (upbeat music) If you’re obsessed with
athleisure and who isn’t. Give your denim a break
and pair your leggings with a soft tee and a
breezy interact jacket. Bonus points for keeping them in the same color family and
rocking that tonal look. (upbeat music) Got a style question of your own? Head to StichFix.com to ask
a stylist for expert advice and to schedule your next fix. (upbeat music)

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