Now we are going to your 4 arm lines. 2 superficial
& 2 deep ones. One superficial front, superficial back, deep front, deep back. They are all
responsible for allowing you to generate enough power in your golf swing, and also provide
you with a good stability in the lower it is essential to stretch all of them, and
I prepared a very quick routine that Will is going to perform, and I will guide him
as he moves forward. So we will start with left arm on the ball
and right down supporting his body. And I want Will to reach with his left arm far away
in front of him, putting pressure on his palm. Good, come back, and now rotate the palm up,
now in supine position and move the ball away. So you are getting the back arm line and the
front just by changing the palm position. So let’s perform 2 more on each side, lean
forward and put the pressure on the palm, the shoulder gets down to the ground so you
are actually also getting your lats involved as well, and chest believing or not. Which
is part of your arm lines as you know by now (it’s explained in DVD “Flexible Body Fluid
Swing”) Good, go back Will, one more in front, come
down, exhale, come back. Change your palm position, good, and do it
again on each side. Palm face down, put the pressure on the ball,
and one more palm up, nice. And now I want Will to perform with both hands together.
Good, press chest down, and put the pressure on the palms, and palms up, get that back
line opened up. It probably feels good, right Will?
And do it one more time, each please, go forward lean your chest down, put the pressure on
your hands, come back, and palms up. Excellent

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