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until the end to know the complete information do you usually snore when
you sleep anyone who thinks that this habit is only bad for those who sleep
near the snoring person is wrong although it may seem harmless people who
snore have a high chance of developing more serious complications such as sleep
apnea this disorder causes the person to stop breathing for a few seconds over
and over again during the night preventing them from ever reaching a
deep sleep what does this do the person wakes up tired and moody also anyone who
suffers from sleep apnea is more likely to develop hypertension diabetes heart
problems etc if you usually snore at night you should pay close attention to
some habits in order to avoid further complications being overweight consuming
alcohol too often respiratory allergies and dental arch problems are some of the
factors that are conducive to snoring another very easy way to avoid snoring
is by paying attention to the position in which you sleep the worst position in
this case is sleeping with your stomach up in this position gravity and the
retraction of the tongue create a narrow air passage that increases the vibration
of the pharynx tissues if this is your case we have a great trick to end
snoring use a tennis ball all you have to do is sew a tennis ball to the back
of a pajama top this way the tennis ball will prevent you from sleeping with your
stomach up favoring a position in which you are less likely to snore if you lie
on your back in bed the ball will cause pressure on your back wake you up and
make you move sideways if you don’t know how to sew you can use a garment with a
pocket in the back and store the tennis ball in there another tip that works for
some people is to use pillows around your body in order to prevent you from
turning to either while sleeping if you want more recipes
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