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Dennis Veasley


  1. Yeah very good. I like that you don't just say move your weight forward. Very good tips.

    A request – could you do a whats in the bag? Would love to see what you use. Those irons look like they've got a pretty sweet wear pattern.

  2. Great stuff!! I have a tendency to get steep so I will find this drill very helpful. Thanks a bunch for the great videos 👍

  3. Adam, Just found your videos yesterday, they are all excellent, best on the web. Used this videos instruction to finally hit my irons with a divot after the ball and didn't duff one playing nine today. Thank you!

  4. Learned something new there with the bottom of the swing. Is it the same concept with hybrid, fairway, and driver? Thanks

  5. Great video content as normal sir,Would love to have a lesson with you if ever in your town used a few of your videos and would like to say thank you great help, Cheers lee.

  6. Got to say Sergio Garcia has nice easy moment. Doesn't look stiff anywhere. Really nice video guide on that one. Is there a way of hitting forward of the ball, but not putting holes in the green. I am worried that when I get to the golf course I will be digging up the green, and that is something I want to avoid.

  7. This video described the exact issue I was having. I was bottoming out almost 4-5 inches behind the ball at times, but can now strike the ball much more effectively.

    Thanks for posting this.

  8. Total lifesaver. I've released the club too soon for years, and dug many ditches as a result. This will take some time to adopt, but I have no doubt that it will keep me from littering the course with sod 😉

  9. These are great videos for the beginner golfers. Thank you for those meticulous insides of each drill. Just a question. What is the most effective way to control mi driver. How to have an accurate aim, or direction. What part of the golf to use to hit it with, left, center, or right side of the golf head. Thank you so much for your videos.

  10. Adam, at impact, should there be a slight backward side bend, even though Tommy Fleetwood has a massive side bend at impact? Thanks

  11. Extremely helpful video. Actions and words don’t always match. Club at bottom of swing Sergio and you shoulder going up, which of course was not mentioned. Average golfers will work hard to hit that impact position and not have the same swing path: shoulder still working down!

  12. Love the video….always enjoy getting techniques…but our swings change from round to round….that's why we are average golfers but we are always looking to be more consistent and improve and this video is great on helping up. Awesome job.

  13. Thank you Adam. Just when I'm starting to feel like my game is hopeless, you make it seem possible with simple advice. Love the videos, please keep them coming.

  14. As always, good solid advice and done with a minimum of talking. Too many instructors get you going in too many directions. I agree with Adams philosophy of keeping the thoughts and motions minimal. Perfect!

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