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Dennis Veasley


  1. Adam would love your insights and comment on this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eluchOc1-Uk…………i feel the upper body moving is not a great tip and has cost me so many problems over the years

  2. Adam, I have been playing this silly game for the better part of 50 years. Yes, you have hit the nail on the head. I have a lot of work to do and I have to come back to this one every day and listen to this over and over to get my mind to free up. I have taken the drop 5 strokes and this will do more for me then that course.

  3. Love the idea about trying to make a mistake on the other side of the ball. This is a great thought and action to correct the original mistake. Thank you

  4. Nicely explained. Your videos are helpful because you narrow it down to what to focus on, and what is important.

  5. Played poorly yesterday, directionally speaking, then last hole remembered this lesson. Forgot about the ball, and just concentrated on moving my CG towards the target with my lower half. So PAR'd the hole, GIR, three great shots into the green on a par 5. You were right, it creeps back in on us. Thank you Adam!

  6. Now this is how to make a good golf video. Notice there's no interfering wind noise, etc. You can clearly hear every word. And Adam clearly knows what he's talking about and explains it clearly!

  7. As far as golf is concerned, just do what my 14-year-old, 5-handicap nephew always says to me:  "just hit it real long down the middle."

  8. Thanks for all the great videos.and thanks for all the golfing wisdom that you share so freely.can tell you truly love the game 👏👏👏👍👍👍⛳⛳⛳

  9. Paid £1 for 1 month free membership did n't realise iv,e been paying about £15 amonth for last 6 months also no easy way to cancel .

  10. "emotional damage"… i laughed out loud at that one. nice video, makes a lot of sense. we shall see how it works out in practice…

  11. this is my 3rd year playing golf and my score has been getting a lot better this year. actually shot a couple 40's on 9 holes this year which is a huge improvement form my normal score near 100.
    this is my next challenge tho. a friend told me about "compressing" the golf ball, as in hitting the ball first then the ground and ive watched many videos on it. ive been to the range a couple times since and ive tried to focus only on hitting the ball first then the ground and i just fall back into my old habits where im hitting behind the ball again and its SO FRUSTRATING.
    im sure it just takes more time and practice.
    one thing that helped me alot too was i was pushing all my irons to the right and i couldnt figure out why. i wasnt slicing it, well i mean i was doing that too sometimes, but usually just pushing it like 50-100 yards right of where im aiming. and then i started to rotate my hips more towards the target, as you say, get your body opening and flowing toward the target and not be stiff and tense. and once i started doing that my irons actually went where i wanted them to and thats when i shot my 40 on the back 9.
    it was a glorious day indeed.

  12. I love the way you explain things. Such a calmness in your voice. I can tell you really love the game. I will be watching all your videos, good sir. Thank you.

  13. I always learn something from Adam's videos. I struggle with iron shots and this sounds like exactly what I need to practice.

  14. Tried this today, not to hit at the ball but to hit to a target on the range. After hitting a few skinny, I got the feel of it, and have to say it’s been a long long time since I’ve hit the ball so powerfully and clean. I’m almost 62, and getting back into golf properly after about 12 years. So thanks.

  15. I was inadvertently kinda sorta trying this. But what I did, was move the ball BACK, causing me to hit the ball first, which was probably causing my wrist to break late. I'm going to try shifting forward in my swing. Let's see how easy that is!! ; )

  16. I like the attitude of being playful and open to making mistakes in the direction of what you want to end up doing. Very helpful

  17. This problem hitting behind the ball has been driving me crazy for the past two months. This is a video certainly help me understand what I was doing wrong! Thank you Thank you Thank you

  18. My biggest problem is transferring my weight I'm basically arms and over top I'm 52 been trying too play for the past 10 yrs not really improved much Ego is my biggest problem and what people think the sad thing is I love golf but can't enjoy it because too worried about this and that

  19. Brand new to golf, went to a driving range the other day and in the beginning I was worried about not hitting the ball. I would miss behind and the readjust and miss over the top. After a while I let loose a little bit and didn't think of hitting the ball and it helped so much. I was making solid contact. Then by my second lot of balls I was aiming for targets and getting close. This video is great. Wish I seen it before I went.

  20. What's your take on ball position? Should it be just to the right of the sternum for iron shots and then figure out where the sternum is located as it moves in the downswing or place the ball on the left heel like Nicklaus or under the logo like Harmon?

  21. Far too much waffle. "The target is the target" – What is that supposed to mean? The flag is the target or the green is the target for example.

  22. Adam has got to be one of the best ball strikers I’ve ever seen…his swing is effortless and amazing as well as his instruction

  23. I'm learning those 75 yard shots too far in front of the ball are way more playable than the 20 yard balls I have topped. Great instructional video.

  24. This is a great video and great tips about placing swing energy where you want the ball to land and not worry about hitting the ball. Doing this well has to improve every facet of a golfer's game.

  25. Does it make a difference if you are practicing this at the range hitting it off Astro as you don’t get a divot?

  26. Great video. Really looking forward to trying this on the range. I have often hit behind the ball with my wedges and hopefully this drill will get me hitting the ball more solidly.

  27. I enjoyed that you said to not be afraid of making a mistake(poor contact) and free yourself up to enjoy the process.  I have always been fixated to the outcome and not always enjoying the process.  Thanks Adam

  28. Better Teaching Technique = Tell Them, Show them, Have them Try, Tell & Show Again, Then Review & Test Them

  29. This is great advice. You need to be visualizing that your swinging through the ball. Great points about shifting weight toward the target before contact.

  30. Great tips, was a major frustration of mine, really demoralising when it happens especially after a good drive

  31. I just recently fixed the worst slice I’ve ever seen anyone have (Me) from the most minor adjustment and now they’re straight hitting about 240. Been playing like 2 times a year for 8 years but this past year I got some friends into it finally now it’s twice a week. We are all learning and hitting mid 90s but these videos are the best.

  32. I really appreciate your teaching style and how you have reduced the parameters to a basic 2. I don't frequently get a chance to get to the range so when I do, having to remember too many factors or adjustments is overwhelming. Definitely going to use this video to help with my iron strikes. Really appreciate this lesson…golf can be unbelievably frustrating when you can't get to it enough and practice…

  33. You just don’t know how much this one video will help me! I’ve bee playing golf for 25 years and have struggled so often out of fear to not make good ball contact. It only takes a millisecond to screw up the whole shot sequence. I haven’t been willing to make mistakes on the left side of the ball and it has cost me more bad shots than I can count. I noticed that your club was still leaning at approximately 30 degrees to the right before you struck the ball. I usually panic and rush my downswing as well as break my wrists at 90 degrees simultaneously trying to hit the ball. Shifting my weight to my left side as well as having that 30 degree lag before and after I strike the ball has always alluded me. I’ve had people tell me I have a beautiful swing but, they don’t realize the fear I have at that last little millisecond before ball contact. I’ve been reluctant to practice your method and possibly have mistakes made on the left side of my swing. Funny thing is I have surprised myself with some really beautiful shots before not realizing what I had done to make it happen! I have purchased your video set before but, it’s not going to do me any good unless I take chances of making mistakes trying to correct my swing. I’ve always been a believer of good mechanics with my golf swing and some people would criticize me in fun saying, “ I ain’t no pro , just go ahead and hit the ball!” Criticize or not, over the years I have emulated the way that the pros strike the ball and have enjoyed playing the game. Thanks again for this video!

  34. I'm going to try these tips today. I'm definitely 100% focused on the ball vs. target In fact, once I pick my line, I never look at the target – never. I focus on ball.

  35. Great video! Great teacher! This is ideal for hitting down on the ball w/ irons. However what about the driver? Since you are not hitting down on the driver, do you still want to shift your weight to the left on the downswing or no?

  36. I like this video. The idea of emphasizing freedom in the swing by focusing on the target instead of the ball is something I've talked about but have very rarely implemented in either my practice or play.

  37. Fantastic instruction, it’s very refreshing to see someone who appreciates how much of a mental game golf is. I really like how you often attempt to take the pressure off of the golfer and focus more on basic fundamentals to improve. I highly recommend your videos to others, especially to those who are like me, newer to golf. Top notch instruction, no doubt.

  38. Awesome and informative video. Being you're in south Florida, as I am, I'll come see you for some lessons when I hit the Powerball and can play golf every day. Thank you.

  39. Other than Shawn Clement, one of the only pros I've ever seen put focus on the fact the ball is not the target. So many pros never address this issue. They diagnose an inside takeway, an over-the-top swing, etc. All correct, but all just symptoms. The reason for those problems is more often than not: having the ball as your target. Well done!

  40. Adam, my only confusion (and please correct me if I am wrong in my assumption) is that you propose to swing the club toward the target in your minds eye, yet there are some instructors who say not to and instead swing the club to the left after the striking the ball to get better compression and a straighter more piercing shot? We all want better compression and straight piercing shots so what are your thoughts on that?

  41. Thanks for the instructions pro,but yesterday I played so bad because my divots were long and I don't what causes that.
    Even my tee shot have problem of slicing,bad setup and swinging to the target.

  42. I would dare say this content which on the surface seems like is for beginners… is actually more for veterans and seasoned pros.

  43. Have been watching your output for a while and it really is one the best instruction channels and I think you've only just started to 'scratch' the surface in helping us to improve our game. Many thanx! 🤔🏌💥⛳🏆

  44. 정말 끝내주는 강의네요. ( What a wonderful lecture !!! )
    훌륭한 철학이었어요. ( I totally agree with your philosophy on golf. )

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