Hey everybody Danny maude here head
professional at the Canterbury Golf Club in Kent thanks for joining us have you
ever wanted to know how to transition from your backswing to your downswing
correctly you found that you’re getting to the top of the backswing pretty
good but you’re unable to get that strike that you’re after maybe you
strike it behind the golf ball or maybe get from here to there far more
effectively you’ve probably heard of a number of different ways to do it you’ve
probably heard of people asking you to move the hips
across maybe even squat into the golf ball you may have heard of people
talking about dropping their arms so you can get down in to position some
people have talked about from here flattening off the club so who’s right
how many of those things have you actually tried and how much is that is
actually working for you now from my clients some of the the advice is
pretty good but a lot of them are really struggling
to take that advice and transition it actually into hitting golf balls well
I’ve got a drill that I actually got from a wonderful coach out in Dubai
Stephen that is working so so well and a recent client of mine Alan had exactly
the same problem that you may be having and I gave this drill and within an out
in an hour session we’ve really got him transitioning from here to here so much
more effectively but what’s more important about this drill is he could
take this drill from go home practicing at home or on a driving range and get
some instant feedback as to whether he’s doing it correctly or not I find with a
lot of exercises out there is that the point is how do you know whether you
what you’ve been taught you’re actually doing and often there’s the case is that
you’re often trying certain things but you can’t see whether it’s working or
not we’ve got the ball fly obviously if you’re hitting good shots but ultimately
how do you know whether you’re actually getting into the position that you
wanted so the other aspect is that a lot of these exercises that you do are often
kind of quite wooden and they’re disjointed and it’s quite difficult to
sometimes knit them into a proper golf swing I hope these exercises this drill
anguish today will really help you do that
because it did for Alan so let’s get cracking so the way it works is grab a
and this gets a golf ball Stephen actually use this tennis ball with me
but uh I could show you that later and what don’t you do only to get into a
setup here so the first thing is you need to get up into a decent posture
position so if you haven’t already seen how to set up properly I’ll put a link
in there my description but how does it to get the perfect posture it will
really really help because you need to intercept from this position here tip
from the hip bone here so that we get the center of gravity moving forward and
we get the the legs nice and loaded here because we want to get the club into a
position really really good at the top here to do this we don’t want to suck
back too much need flex at back on our heels and get the club being dragged
around so good posture is really important initially the next thing we’re
going to do gonna let the arm just naturally hang down here we’ll take our
left hand put it under the armpit of the right and what we’re gonna do here is
gonna curve the fingers back here and I’ll show you how that works so from
this position we’re gonna go down swinging back now what this does but
having a thing is like it keeps the right hand nice in front of the chest we
don’t want is drifting behind here because what we want to do is just to
strike a ball we need to put pressure down into the ground and on the golf
ball if we let them draw around here can you see how it’s gonna be quite
difficult to put pressure in unless we do this we’re still on the golfers do
they get stuck behind and they throw it so just saying the drill here nice and
simple and under here fingers back and what we’re gonna do is this we’re going
to swing to the top here then we’re gonna throw the ball down where we would
normally have the position of ball per let’s say annoying now I’ll show you
this initially how it works or throw it up throw down and what I’m going to get
from this is instant feedback it trains you how to get the correct release if
you’re releasing it good it will land in a spot it will also help you to get the
correct path because what you’ll find is those of you who release and cut off
hang onto the poi that review is out there you hang on too tightly you come
in here and you and then suddenly you’re throwing the
ball bouncing here and flying off to the left that’s going to be a problem huh
all right again you’ve got instant feedback so someone like myself I would
probably get if I had a problem it’ll probably get a little bit in finite
often react here and getting it inside well the great thing about that for me
I’m like drop the ball here and it’s in the ball flies off to the right
wonderful I’ve got feedback now what we wanted to
do is obviously get its lovely bounce into position and the ball skipping
forward if you can do that well you can do this at home you know find a wall
grab a tennis ball start practicing getting throwing it
down in the spot and skipping forward one thing to watch out for when I first
give this drill I think a all the skills are my students I just throw it down so
they did and they kind of we’re actually the driver into the the grounds a little
bit firmer and they kind of win here and it’s right down like this and it cannot
always hit them in the face so watch out for that what we’re trying to get is a
skip of the ball so what I want to imagine is we try to
get the ball bouncing and skipping forward all right so it bounces skipping
four that’s the type of reaction on the grounds like it’s a good image to have
if you’re throwing it it kind of kind of helps rather than throwing it straight
down and having it come up in your face so from here we’re going to swing back
we’re going to throw it down and try and get a skip and it’s like mine there by
the way went a little bit to the right now I know for me that’s me getting a
little bit here so again it’s a wonderful feedback for me to work on
before I move to the second phase now the second phase we obviously want to
get to hit the golf ball right so the second phase from here is without a blow
hole we’ve grabbed a golf club right hand same thing go down the grip a
little bit took your fingers in there and what we’re gonna do here is we’re
gonna swing the club to the top I’m gonna let the club drop down exactly as
we were doing with the golf ball all right so one more time we’re gonna swing
the club to the top here throw it down and you’ll notice I missed the ground
what does that mean if you’re missing the ground it means you’re not letting
the gravity drop great feedback again seven here up here we’re gonna get a
transition right wanna through drop the club down is the ground and through now
I would do this quite a few times if you find that the club’s a little bit heavy
go down the group a bit and make sure you’re not holding it too tightly you
want to let this heavy weight swing up to the top here and then you let the
gravity of the golf club here just simply drop down to the ground once
you’ve done that a few times again don’t be in a rush to do this don’t we rush to
hit golf balls the throwing exercise itself would be just brilliant enough
for you to get feedback you want to be in a sense getting a ball throw nice and
straight and in the spot that you wanted then obviously from here we’re going to
work to hit the golf ball same principle swing it up and then we’re going to
simply drop the club down exactly as we’re doing throwing that and hopefully
getting a similar kind of effect okay okay how she caught that a little
skinny all right so I didn’t quite get the drop again
brilliant feedback so what we’re gonna do again so if I was throwing a ball
that that are gonna literally out to the right so let’s do one more back
beautiful that’s the one I wanted so this is practice as you can see look
that’s me one ball skinny out to the right immediate feedback that would have
been this throw that ball down get the sensation of that release and then a way
go through go through that now please really give the drills ago don’t rush
into hit golf balls of this the drill is so powerful once you really practice it
it can be a little bit tricky initially to go with it stick with it and you will
get so much great feedback that you can my goal is always for you to teach
yourself when I’m not around or your coach isn’t around this drill is does a
couple of things and the honor to give you feedback
it’s a flowing exercise it’s not the compartmentalize of the swing too much
so it’s something that you can transfer fairly quickly into the full swing
thanks so much for watching and there’s two things you can do right now for me
if you’re enjoying these videos you know join the training subscribe to the
channel and really appreciate it and if you want some tips and tricks that I
don’t share on this channel head over to my website right here and I shall see
you on the other side

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Dennis Veasley


  1. Hi Danny,

    I like your videos. Easy to understand. And actually implemented. I am Thai living in Bangkok. If you have the opportunity to visit Thailand. Will take to play golf.

  2. Good to see you back, sharing you're golf wisdom. I'll certainly give the drills ago. Quick question though, would that drill help me to fully release the golf club or just through impact, because I don't fully understand what realising the golf club means. Thanks again

  3. very good drill and makes alot of sense cant wait to try it out.. was the coach stephen dean from cowens academy in dubai? up down and around ;)… very good stuff thanks for sharing

  4. Just to clarify Danny, should I be trying to drive my hands down through impact or pulling up and round to the finish? When I look at Pro's the hands are always rising UP just before impact. Many thanks. Great quality video.

  5. Hello Danny. I’m a lefty playing right handed so this will be more challenging for me at first but by working with my fight hand I might get even more benefit with the increased right hand coordination I’ve been searching for. Your Proper Wrist Hinge Video has been huge for my ball striking and I think this drill will complement what I’m working on. Thanks and have a great time in Malaysia

  6. Lot of focus on "throw" were you actually don't want anyone to use that word because that will result in casting. I mean your angle on the top of backswing with your trail arm should be holding a tray and coming down that angle should be kept so the club head lags behind you. Also the club needs to shallow out and to do that you need engage your lower body. This might be a drill for using groundforce -, I don't know.

  7. Interesting idea will definitely give it a go, always thought the key to a strong release was wrist angles particularly with the lead wrist but hadn't thought about this approach

  8. Hey Danny,
    Through your straightforward and commonsense instruction I think you've got the opposition re-thinking their approach.
    They seem to be copying your methods.
    You have made a great difference to my game(sadly a little later in my golfing life than I would have liked).
    Take heart from all the positive comments I see, avoid the gimmicks others use and keep it simple – you prove that it works.
    A question. – I would like to finish my swing in the classic position but I seem to finish in the extended position (following your advice to restrict the follow through). Is this a fault or – as the ball cannot be influenced after contact – does it matter?

  9. It sounds like a fun channel
    Has registered! I support you. (* ^ – ^ *)

    I am glad if I also register it! In case

  10. Hey Danny,
    I bet you're having such a good time in Thailand you don't have time to respond to our questions – I hope that's not the case……………..

  11. Love the drills. Doesn't this totally conflict with your vid on using the lower body to initiate the downswing? There you teach against 'yanking the handle down'.

  12. Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling. Cheers brother. Im a 9 handi and I love your videos rather than the mainstream. Down to earth. Gonna get to a 5 this year with your help. Cheers

  13. GREAT video! I really like introducing the laws of physics like gravity vs. weight of club. If anyone takes anything away from this video, it's that they are likely interfering with the laws of gravity with unneeded muscle tension on the downswing. The right hand only hit is SO hard because the brain fights to maintain control. I struggle with this drill like mad, so infuriating because I find I'm standing up, or tensing up well before impact. My instructional side of the brain throws down the gauntlet saying "ARE YOU CRAZY? YOU CAN'T HIT WITH ONLY THE RIGHT ARM!!!!". I just keep topping or missing the balls until I can ignore my golf-swing ruining brain.

  14. Getting your weight on your toes instead of heels helps . In particular About 65% on your left big toe.

  15. How come the spot to which you throw ball is different than where you throw spear to? One is at ball and spear drill is in front ? John

  16. Phil L. I would like to know how hard or how much does the right hand hit on the downswing. I have always heard to let the right hand ride and not hie hard with it. I feel like there's more power when I try to use it, but I will hit behind the the ball too many times. Thanks

  17. For those practicing any kind of drills.. it's absolutely essential to also include hitting real balls… in the past i'd practice a swing drill hundreds of times in my backyard only to find that it didnt translate well when at the range hitting balls.. so now I only practice swing drills if i can follow up immediately with hitting actual balls. Golf balls.

  18. Hi Danny, you don't mention the hips at all. They have to at least clear which your exercise seems to do but what about the power that you see with the pros? It works for you but is that the drill or just you …?

  19. This is brilliant drill, never heard about it before, that also creates lag correct.

    I found I was bumping hips first and getting ahead, I have no idea why the guys say the initial move is bumping the hips.

    I realize that the club is still going back, but I feel it adversely affects me getting ahead of the ball and then I don’t clear the left. Waiting is letting the club fall, gets it into the slot a lot better and tempo is improved as well. If you bump the hips initially you might also go like John Millers reverse C.

    Would love to hear your input, regarding first input on downswing.

    Thanks for great tubing, Ive been playing 50 years and my swings still evolving, off a 6 at the new Dubai Hills, a must play.

  20. Aren’t you using more upper body by throwing the ball to hit ground ball? I thought u are supposed to use lower body in downswing.

  21. Danny, I started to think pressure into the ball/ground and all of a sudden I’m smashing it. I was using an 8 iron and started to hit range balls to the 150 marker (almost). That’s huge for me and incredibly encouraging. Thanks so much for making this golf thing understandable. You have a gift, mate. 🍻

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