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Dennis Veasley


  1. Question: When you shift into your left shoe prior to posting, are you moving lateral (heel to heel) or towards the front of the foot (Big toe)?

  2. After the last video with the feel of whipping it this now follows on perfect. I had a 2nd and a 1st so got cut 2 shots. I'm am coming into the ball on inside now and ball striking far more consistent. Will work on my weight shift and tempo now. Driver is still my barrier to single figures but will get there. Thanks Adam. 🏌

  3. You talk about it being natural for kids to jump into it and throw their weight at the ball. Is there any method for helping a pre-schooler not get into too much of a bad habit?

    You can take a look at his swing on my channel if it helps you to give some advice. All advice is welcome!

  4. Do you feel like squatting are lowering in transition has any effect on back or neck ? I have had a neck fusion just wondering.

  5. U is back! I know what to do I just cant do it in real time. But to be honest it is getting a little easier

  6. Great stuff again! How comes we never seem to hear the contact of club on ball – seriously, its like you have cotton wool on the club face or is it the ball going super sonic? One more thing could you do a piece on controlled swing and contact vs smashing the ball as hard as you can (what's the differences in distance and dispersion, etc)? Cheers ! 👍

  7. Every time I watch one of your videos it makes me want to get out to the range to work on my game right away. This was a very informative video. Thanks

  8. One of the most straightforward and basic (in a good way!) videos I’ve ever seen to get the swing right. I’ve suffered the dreaded sway from right to left in my swing rather than a rotation, and this has helped me ever so slowly and surely to stop doing that and hit much better iron shots.

  9. Adam, iv been watching your content for over a year now and I just wanted to say thank you. Your explanations and methods about the golf swing are top draw. Keep up the good work on all aspects of the game.

  10. Really nice stuff, Sir – you've got a great action. My biggest problem is, and always has been, early extension…

  11. As far as I am concerned, the biggest issue is having PATIENCE in transition. I think there is a built-in tendency for golfers to shift their weight to the lead side as they transition from backswing to downswing, but it takes a second or so for the shift to occur. IF you can manage not to rush the transition, if you can pause for a second at the top, then you'll have more success in getting forward. The problem is looking at the ball and feeling you've got to rush the downswing. The recommendation in some swing models (e.g. Manuel de la Torre) to let the momentum of the backswing set the wrists naturally helps; the innate weight shift seems to occur once the arms and torso stop rotating back. Thus, if you wait a second for the wrists to set that gives your body time to shift your weight forward naturally. Regardless, it's for some reason extremely difficult for me (and I presume others) to slow the swing down.

  12. Sounds like the two main lessons from this great lesson are to implement the weight shift to your front door immediately after reaching the end of the backswing and to extend your hips toward the target as you swing through. I really liked the reminder to come back to drill speed after a few full swings too. Also, as you shift weight, be passive with your arms and let them come through later in the swing, or you won't properly get the weight off your back foot. Thanks for the lesson!!!

  13. Another great video. I was and am guilty throwing the club at the top of my backswing and as a result I sometimes hit my irons fat. Your tip of little half swings to force the weight onto my front foot is a brilliant idea and one I will certainly try and practice. I always remember the saying, Rome was not built in a day. Keep these excellent and informative videos coming and I will always watch them.

  14. Is the “sudden stamp into the ground” by the left foot applicable to both woods and irons? I have been trying this drill and I like the feel.

  15. Great video. Do you have any suggestions on staying down thru ball? I tend to stand up as I’m hitting the ball which is getting clubhead open

  16. Struggling mightily with my weight getting stuck on my back leg. The more I try to "fix" things, the more I break them.. Also ending up falling left and hitting hooks..

  17. I can shift weight pretty well on the iron shots, it's the weight shift with a driver that I can't seem to do well.

  18. WS and lag are my biggest issues. You targeted videos are one step at a time and have helped me get back that consistency I used to have. Maybe a future video on why older golfers seem to lose their swing would be great. Thanks Adam

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