Alright now that we finally know how to hit
a serve and how to toss a ball, let’s put it all together and try to do it. Alright
behind the line; you don’t want to be too much on the right side because after all,
if you’re playing singles because that would put you in a disadvantage because you’re leaving
all your left side of the court open. So, you basically want to be as close as you can
to the center but still on the side of it. Do your concentration routine, focus on what
you’re going to be doing. Have your ball, second ball ready in your pocket to go and
start your serve. Alright let’s do it again. Alright and that’s a couple of examples of
how it’s done. If you pay attention, I like to toss the ball kind of high and kind of
in front of me. I have my continental grip that helps me to give it just a little spin
on it. That will hopefully get me through the net and inside the court.

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Dennis Veasley

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