Hey what’s up everyone my name is Q. My
voice is a little bit cracky; I’ve been losing it a little bit but it’s not gonna stop me from making this video. I’m gonna be playing a tiebreaker
with my friend, Yen and I’ll explain how it works. Let’s say that I served the previous game which brought us to 6 all all on the set which brought us to the
tiebreaker that means Yen is gonna start the
tiebreaker by serving on the deuce side whenever the total amount of games
are even you serve on the deuce side and also we don’t keep score with fifteen
thirty forty it’s just one two three four etc first two seven wins 1, 0 yen
after yen served the first point we’re both gonna alternate serving two points
each thereafter 1, 1 2-1, Q. When the total is odd serve on the
ad side 2 up three two yen three all. When the total amount of games
are 6 12 18 etc, you have to switch ends of the court
now it’s still even so I’m still serving on the deuce side. four points all 5-4, Yen 5 points all 6-5, Yen. If Yen wins this next point,
she will win the tiebreaker and the set because she would have gone seven points
and she would win by two but she double faults and I get the point and that results in 12 total games which means we have to switch ends at the court again
twelve is even so it’s still on the deuce side 7-6, Yen. Now even though yen has seven
points now she still didn’t win the tiebreak because you have to win by two I double fault points and that gives Yen the point so that means she wins the
tiebreaker (and the set) If I won that point then we just keep on going until somebody eventually wins by two just like on your regular games. You always
have to win by two. Who won anyways? MEE!!? you won you were the first to reach
seven points right by two but yes that means it was 7-5 7-5 no it was 86 86 was
it? sorry, opps.. heee hee*

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