Look at my shoe it is broken, just bought last year So when I go out in snow or rain water gets in to it and makes my socks wet..!! In this video I will show you how to repairs shoes at home. it is cheap in india So far i have done this… (1)i used indian tongue cleaner and try to sew with it but didn’t worked Because it makes big holes and leather is broken…Not good..!! Second Idea I used dollarama glue but it is shocked by shoes and gets dry…Not good ..Fail Third idea. I used contact cement and try to save money…lets try and see what happens Some of you may think what a cheap man. he says he has job, and gives investment tips why he is so cheap..? Listen to me carefully your best friend is your money..there is no one else Let me give you that i am not cheap so people dont judge me I got some cash. But I just want to show you how can you save many and be free.. Ok enough of talking lets get to work let me find a plastic bag to cover my hand – use as gloves Now i am gloves to use plastic bag as gloves to protect my hands Look at the shoes so you can compare before and after – stupid me forgot to put on the bag. – i am big talker some time lol Some of you complain why don’t I manke video everyday but I have job and it run a lot now a days Oh my..!! its too much everywhere Let me know in comment have you ever been cheap like me ? and How ? Comment please Seem like it may work…Oh no..!! have alook Now lets me hold for while…Seems like i will be here till morning ….lol… .Seems like i will be here till morning ….lol… That’s the best thing in india – repairing is cheap and that’s why at here i always buy everything second hand Many people works like dog and spend crazy ..NOT ME I work smart and money…?? Money I dont put in Bank I invest and make money from Money. I learn this in India. But in india many people are born with golden spoon and they many not like my video Seems like this glue is not working…let me check !!! Not sticking …I am not sad about dollar but…hey wait ….may be it is sticking…!! Good news…well well …seems like sticking…look shoes is repairing It is almost midnight..have look how many lights i have it on…!! I am bit of fool work for about 16 hours a day and sleep for 5 – 6 hours. work hard and make money This is my secret – no one gave me nothing and I am not the one who blame parents for everything I believe in hard work and keep trying even if i fail at least i had great experience Looks i am still holding—Lol How long i am sleepy.. let me know in comment how can i make better videos I may failing to repair but atleast i tried and learn something I seen many you tuber buy expensive equipment and make two videos and then sell all the equipment. they give up so easily …not me ..lol never My goal is to make nice youtube studi I never put money from my pocket it is all paid by youtube Seem like my brother shoes is not going to stick – have look…lol Now I am going to leave it alone till next evening Got to say my shoe was hungry for glue…lol Next video is about how much i make from videos and not only youtube there are many ways you can make easy money You can get sponsorship , Amazon and many other ways Let me know in comment how can i repair this shoes …please Thanks for watching and don’t forget to share and subscribe .

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