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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “How To Run: DOs & DON’Ts”

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  2. Anyone here trying to find tips for their sports day? After not running for a year I have to do 800m… No just me?

  3. many article say u must lean forwad while u run. in this video say don't lean forward and stay vertical. makes me confuse

  4. Thanks very helpful, I run 20 laps aka 5 miles and I alway wonder if I'm running Save!? Can't wait for tomorrow's run

  5. I've always hated running and I don't think I would ever like it. Our school PE teacher never showed us anything to do anything better and we just ran like stupid for 200, 400, 600, 800, 1k meters or longers. He puts those who run faster above everyone and only trains them to do better and everyone else never improves.

  6. grandpa doesn't know what he is talking about. Just do the opposite of what grandpa is saying. every idiot is an adviser these days

  7. I can't just "ease into it" I'm in gym class and I have to run a mile tomorrow in under 13 minutes and I hate running. Also a quarter of the course is up hill so 😕

  8. I run on treadmill so I can't tell if I'm making noise or the treadmill is making noise. I guess I should run on the ground to see if I'm landing too hard.

  9. Fam what the hell im in rotc and we gotta do a mile run I watch this and when I try it does not turn out the way I think everybody getting 5 to 7 minutes and I'm just barely making 10

  10. I actually want to learn to run because I have had knee pain for half a year and forgot how to run, this did not help…

  11. We have to run 5km for school and we don't have the time to train for it. Just got to know last week that we had to do it today. Hope it goes alright xD

  12. I try to run properly and not heel strike. However, whenever I try to not over stride I STILL seem to be landing on my heel. What are some techniques/exercises to help correct this? It seems my foot just wants to land that way, and it's difficult to control while running without trying too hard and stressing my other muscles by forcing a ball of foot landing.

  13. your supposed to run on the ball of you foot lol your spread the point of impact by rolling from the ball onto your toes like when you jump of a high ledge and role at the bottom also it will propel you forward slightly faster also it's quieter than landing foot flat and one more thing running foot flat you will put a lot of stress on you bones because they have to absorb all the kinetic energy you make when you hit the floor but I guess it might help strengthen them

  14. my first time i esagerated going like 4 km i got cramps like almost like 10 mins since then i easily get cramps now

  15. I over stride a lot. I am trying to learn how to run still. I did 8.4 miles yesterday and I really don't think I ran properly at all. I am going to do cross country and I hope that the couch will see my running and maybe help me. My last coach told me that my running form was way off.

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  17. Sir, i am 5.4 inch and my weight is 74. I had minor ACL fracture and had arthroscopic surgery. Now it's been 10 months. Can i jog or run for my health? Coz I'm already doing it. Does it coz osteoarthritis ?

  18. That’s a high quality video, no nonsense and it wasn’t 15 minutes long with a channel intro asking to like subscribe and comment.

  19. if you make alpt of noise when you run your running poor! well geesh old guy have you ever heard of fat people trying to get in line

  20. When I run my left shoulder hurts.. I don’t what it’s caused from, it’s just an aching pain. I put ice and heat on it, but nothing helps. Anyone know?

  21. My shins almost always ache when I've attempted to run. Sometimes they are painful to even stand or walk for a day or so afterward. Any runners out there know why this is?

  22. You state that the body is NOT designed for running instantly, yet you say humans are born to run. The human body is NOT designed to run – period. Animals are designed to run, different muscle type, ligament and geometry structure. No warming up is needed because of the different muscle fibre type and a very high VO2max. Odd how hundreds of comments on YouTube running videos – everyone wishes they were taught how to run from their school days. If we were born to run, a natural gait, no one would need to be taught.

    Though we are designed with the capability to run, swim, cycle, play golf etc. These are just not activities that are natural to our human body design. We are designed to sit but not for long extended periods, as we do now in an automated and computerised world.

    What we do so naturally, is to walk long distances, our body purpose built and structured for this. Everyone can reach a very high standard to hike over mountains and far away. Not so in running. It is a struggle for everyone even the Kenyans. And only a handful of them run proficiently. And most long-distance running is actually jogging. Two different platforms.

  23. I used to have terrible knee problems after running so I gradually changed over to running on the tops of my feet. Not easy as you have to bend your feet back 180 degrees. But this means your completely avoid landing on your heel and jarring your lower joints……well, HE started it!

  24. Actually can’t lean when running. I learned to run straight and been running straight my whole life until I read one those articles that says you have to lean forward ( with no explanation as to where to lean, legs, hips,or what) so I tried to lean next time I ran and that made it so much harder, I couldn’t breathe properly. So Yea never did it again. I thought I don’t care if I’m doing it wrong, I’m not leaning. First video I’ve seen that says don’t lean. Guess I was doing it right in the first place

  25. I got Acl surgery 5 months ago and im watching this becaause im starting to run again. And mt strides are not the same its so weird i cant belive im watching a video on how to run when i used to run for hours. Its crazy how one injury can tottally fuck an athlete up phyiscially and mentally.

  26. the most important thing i have learned from this video at 1:49
    —-don't wear boxer while running 🙂 —–

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