How to de-skunkify your home. Take one. [SOUND] Hey everyone, it’s me Hallease back with a video. If you follow me on Snapchat, then you know that my dog recently decided to take on a skunk, and of course, she lost miserably. So naturally, she brought that smell in to our home with her. [LAUGH] So step one is de-skunkify the source, which in my case is my dog. If you wanna learn how to de-skunkify your dog, what you can wash your dog with, check out the video the eye of Sauron. The first thing I’ll say to de-skunkify your home, is open all your windows. The beautiful thing about homes, is that they are insulated. And, the terrible thing about homes, is that they are insulated. So while insulation helps keep things out of your home, insulation also helps things not leave your home. So basically you want to make your home not so insulated, so it can literally air out. So open all the windows, turn on all the fans, let your home air out as long as you can. So, because I work from home, I just left the windows open once I got up for work the next day, and would just leave them open. I left them open for a good two days. The second thing I did, was make sure that the smell didn’t seep into any of the dog beds. So as soon as Dakota ran back inside because she was scared, she immediately went to what she considers a safe space, which is her dog bed, because that’s how we trained her. In order to deskunkify that, I used baking soda. A lot of baking soda products now, you can buy them specifically for carpet deodorizing for pets, and things like that. I use some of that on each of her dog beds. Yes, she has a dog bed in every room, yes we’re boojee about the dog. Don’t judge me. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, vacuum it off. Or, get rid of the residue that it leaves behind.
The third thing I would suggest doing, is using some kind of lemon based cleaner if your floors will allow it, where the dog has run about in your home. Because chances are, the smell is on their paws, and now it’s on your floor. After you feel like you’ve vented out the house as best you can, go a head and close all your windows, but keep your fans going. And freshly ground coffee really got rid of the smell quickly, like in a day. And depending on the size of your home, have multiple batches of freshly ground coffee in little cans, or plate around your house. This house that I currently rent, is around 1300 square feet, so standard like three bedroom, two bedroom. Two bathroom house. And I put essentially a plate of coffee in each area. So there’s a plate of coffee in the living room, the kitchen, our bed room, my office and the guest bed. And that was enough to sock up all those smells. Now once you get to this point where you were putting coffee everywhere, go ahead and open up your cabinets, and your closet door. Because chances are, the smell is still stuck in those places. And you need those places to air out as well. So, make sure to leave all your pantry doors open, your cabinet doors open, your closet doors open. So the rest of that skunk smell that has probably got in there, that you just didn’t realise it got in, it can come out too and that coffee can get rid of it. And so yeah, those are the things I did to de-skunkify my house. And it took- All in all, the entire process- Once I put the coffee out, it was a day. It was like the smell was pretty much gone in a day. I mean overall, letting the house air out, and all of that, the whole process took about two and half, three days. To truly feel like I had completely gotten rid of all the skunk smell. That’s me, I just wanted to get on and explain that to you all, because I have learned so much about skunks, and their smells, and how to get rid of them I just wanted to share. So I hope that helps. In the comments below, let me know if you have any other tips and tricks on how to de-skunkify your home, or your pet. And I will see you when I see you. Don’t forget to start your week with me. I push out new videos every Monday at noon, Central time. And make sure to follow me on social media, so you can stay in tune with everything I got going on.
I’ll see you when I see. [MUSIC]

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39 thoughts on “How To Remove Skunk Smell From Your Home”

  1. I'm bougie when it comes to my Lucy too, lol ! Damn this video would've been sooooooo useful last year when Lucy decided to be a hero!!

  2. No dog and no skunks where I live so no danger of this happening. And yet here I am attentively watching both your videos!

  3. did you use whole coffee beans as this is what it looks like (I am asking cause you stated freshly ground coffee) I also read vinegar, do you know if that works

  4. omg I'll be buying some coffee beans tomorrow. we sometimes rescue /feed feral cats and let's just say tonight did not go well. damn skunk! 😲 thank you for this video

  5. does anyone have any suggestions for if the dog ran to your leather couch?? my leather couch REEEEKS!! thank you for any suggestions you guys!!

  6. Baking soda 1/4 c ,3% hydrogen peroxide 1qt. Dawn dish soap 1tbls mix gently and apply mixture to dry pet let sit on pet for five minutes and rinse with clean water. Repeat as many times as needed to rid smell.

  7. Two nights ago my dog decided to in attack mode towards a skunk in my yard. Skunk-1. Eddy-0. Baking Soda , Peroxide, some vinegar , and dawn. Thats what I scrubbed everything , including Eddy, down with. The Arm and Hammer carpet powder did actually work wonders!!! As we speak , I have several bowls of coffe grinds in bowls in my living room. Eddy’s safe place is the corner by the couch. He jumped on the couch. I scrubbed the upholstery down with the concoction and placed a baggy with pinholes of coffee grinds under the couch cushions. So far so good. Thanks for your tips. They are the most effective.

  8. This did wonders. My dog got sprayed in the face and i didnt think before reacting. I washed her off outside but then brought her in and the stank stormed through my house like a dark plague. I seriously thought i was going to lose it. Never been in this situation and it was horrible. I used all sorts of stuff but once i used the arm & hammer it went down dramatically. I have watched so many videos on this and believe now i will know what to do if this happens again. Lets hope not. Thanks for video.

  9. Your dog is gorgeous! What is it? My mutt just got hit. I think I'll be trying out some of your remedies in the morning!

  10. Omg the coffee worked within hours! I thought the smell was never going to come out of my home! Thank you soooo much😩😩😃😃😃

  11. As I sit here watching this video in a trash bag dress on the coldest day of the season. Thanks for the advice. This time both dogs got tagged. Happy Days!!!

  12. Omg, lifesaver! Totally worked. I bought skunk out to get smell out of my dog from pet store. Shampooed carpet in that as well. The coffee worked amazing to get rid of the lingering smell. I also used baking soda on his dog bed(s)

  13. Dog just vot sprayed in the face last night..tried EVERYTHING on him..didnt beds gone, blankets gone..washed him w EVERYTHING (de-skunkifier, paroxide mix)..rented a carpet shampooer and put in viniger and carpet fresh..just put coffee out..hopefully works

  14. Just bought a house and my dog discovered the resident skunk ! UGH ! Now my house STINKS ! The problem also is that I can't open up my house because there's a huge bug issue ! Gotta get some coffee !!!!

  15. The easy way to get rid of skunk smell and bring winter back into your home and get rid of skunk ,smell burn a toilet paper roll yes toilet paper roll.
    Take and burn toilet paper roll and no more skunk smell just that easy ,and you'll have the good old smell of a log cabin in winter time easy no money out of pocket just recycling.

  16. House is skunked up now, this is probably a stupid question but could I still use the coffee after it gets rid of the smell? Or has it absorbed that awful skunkiness?

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