The piriformis is a muscle that is
across your buttocks and it tends to get very tight if your glute maximus is not
functioning properly. So here’s a great technique to loosen up your piriformis.
And I would highly recommend you do this anytime before you go out onto the court
to get your piriformis nice and loose. So, Ruby has her ball and I have my ball,
and what you do is you place your butt on the ball, and you roll around, and you
find that sore spot. And then you pin the tissue under or on the ball, by putting
your weight on the part of the ball. And then you just bring your leg up and down.
So now we’re mobilizing the tissue in one direction. And you do this four times,
five times. And then you’ll let your leg rotate out to the side. And you’ll feel the area that’s kind of tight in your butt. And then you can
shift and find another place, if there is one. When you first start doing this, it
can be really miserable and kind of uncomfortable. But the more that you do
it, the easier it gets. It gets less and less intense, and you’ll find that you
maintain the benefit of it for longer and longer, so that you may only have to
do this once a week. At first you might have to do it all the time, but as you
get better and better at it, and if you’re really consistent. then maybe once
a week for maintenance.

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Dennis Veasley

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