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at abetterofficial.com/coffee now let’s look at plays! A screen is legal action by a player who, without causing contact, delays or prevents an opponent from
reaching a desired position and then we have a lot of restrictions on the
legality of screening understanding these is critical to being a basketball
official who can adjudicate screening action there are a couple of key things
that we need to remember first of all positioning on the basketball court is essential for accuracy in screening situations and adjudicating them
properly anticipating the play but not the call another key component to
evaluating screening action and then another point to remember is that during
first-half action screening will occur in front of the
defensive coach the defensive coach will see the results of the screening action
on their players calling illegal screening action in the first half in
front of the defensive coach will enhance your credibility as a basketball
official that night let’s look at plays you alright let’s review aspects of this
play so we white eleven is our defender white eleven is a moving opponent
players moving defensive player does not allow them time and distance to move you
could also make the case that they initiated contact on this play in either
event that’s an illegal screen we have three person mechanics on this game
let’s review some three person mechanics points again positioning and
anticipation of the play and officiating the right things leads us to make more
accurate calls now this is a simple call we’re not going to miss this one but
let’s just review our points so we have three person mechanics we have a
non-competitive matchup this allows the trail official to be more aware of what
is happening off ball and in this case a check of the clock a game clock or his
partner hard to tell here but we don’t need an intense focus on this
non-competitive matchup when the ball goes away to the Centers
primary we expect the trail official to officiate off ball and to move in
anticipation of a rotation so we want to officiate away and step away down
towards this action here what the trail official to pick this action up what’s
coming next who am i officiating I’m not officiating this player in this player
the center is officiating that now also the center official here to step down in
anticipation of this catch but basically when the ball is caught here as trail we
don’t want to see that catch we want to be officiating away already as Center
official we want to on the catch be in position to judge the next offender just
a quick review of three-person mechanics basics so trail official officiating
away right we’re picking up this action here
we’re ball aware we’re aware the ball comes back here we’re in great position
and great awareness of the play the in control foul illegal screen designate
the spot our credibility is increased if we get called high call accuracy on
screening action especially in the first half Jesuit basketball 26 on the shot clock a
three from the left wing you this is a hand off screen three-person
mechanics ball handler passes to a teammate creates contact on that
teammates defender teammate is a moving opponent this player for white is a
moving opponent we must give time and distance here allowing them a chance to
move okay this illegal screening action creates a
cascade of defensive breakdown has a real impact on the play all of a sudden
this player is open secondary defender has to run at them leaving a third
player open another defender has to run at them leaving another player open in
the corner again this is first half screening action in front of the
defensive coach do you think the coach recognizes that the foul was missed yes
okay now three-person mechanics we can go to officials on this play lead is
observing this action it’s outside of their primary but we have a chance to
put a whistle on this play we can always come late if we’re going to come out of
our primary to get a foul it needs to be an obvious foul in our secondary
coverage area this is an obvious foul and the lead can come get this we need
to get obvious fouls and this is an obvious screening illegal screen and
again especially in the first half in front of the defensive coach you two-person mechanics obvious foul trail
official open look the screener just gets lazy on this play no attempt to
avoid so this is your classic moving screen sideline throw-in two-person
mechanics we switch this foul action in front of the defensive coach the
defenders obviously impeded by the illegal contact easy call you okay two-person mechanics step one in
adjudicating screening action is the legality of the screener and if we look
at the screening rules and restrictions the screener must stay within his or her
vertical plane with a stance approximately shoulder-width apart
let’s take a look at this screener screener has an extended leg right this
is outside of their normal stance and so they’re at risk for leg contact and what
we have on this play is a trip the defensive player is tripped by the right
foot of the screener white thirty two illegal screen white thirty two
two-person mechanics we’re gonna switch the foul not a great job of reporting on
this play too many players in between if we’re going to report from this spot as
opposed to this spot we need to at least allow players to clear we ended up with
confusion on this play about who the foul was on and that’s directly related
to reporting in this fashion don’t want to run away from the play but we want to
communicate with the table and that’s our number one priority when reporting
fouls so it’s all about the legality of the screener and where the contact is
the tripping action here again step one assess the legality of the screener leg
contact by a screener is always a foul they don’t get leg contact the idea is
to move their body their torso into the path of the opponent you another screening play two-person
mechanics trail not in great position so white 5 sets up were judging his li
ality rather than accept this contact by the defensive player which would be
legal he moves into the path of the defensive player who was looking to go
under the screen that’s illegal contact that movement if v has just stays here
and we have the red player contacts the fives torso here and it delays or stops
this opponent from guarding this player that is a legal play the movement here
into the path of the defensive player is the illegal contact again what’s our
theme first-half action in front of the defensive coach you inbounds play three-person mechanics
screening action and a push through the screen now you could make a case that
this this player by black fails to give her opponent time and distance
she is screening a movement moving opponent here and therefore the screen
is illegal I think in this case it’s trumped by the fact that the white
player essentially looks to initiate contact here and bring rough play into
our game so this brings about another point that we can discuss that is during
pregame warmups we can get learn a lot of information
about teams we can look at their footwork we can look at their shooting
motion we can look at who are right-handed and left-handed shooters
are we can gain a lot of reconnaissance but we don’t usually get information
about screening action does this does this team run a lot of screens do they
set good screens etc we don’t get that until the game starts so when the game
starts we’re looking for clues here’s a play that occurs prior to our foul so white 2 again our player who fouls
screening action legal screen legal screen her reaction to the screen is I’m
gonna go at that screen with my shoulder that’s a clue as officials we’re just
gonna we’re gonna log that information that is their approach to dealing with
screens it may or may not come in handy later in this case in this game it does
so early in the game during screening action we’re looking for the legality of
screens obviously but also what’s the reaction of the players to screens do
the defenders do well to attempt to avoid there are some players who when
they see a screen say my job is not to avoid my job is to inflict upon the
screener some harm hey everybody thanks for sticking around I’m getting to the
end of the video much appreciated we do have additional videos available
check those out but if you do me a favor right now and just like this video if
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  3. Great information. Thanks for taking the time to help clear up situations and make the game of basketball better by making us better officials.

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