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Dennis Veasley


  1. Great video. I just wanted to ask a question; when I play golf and hit any shot I have the 'normal' grip where I interlock my baby finger, however when putting I use the 'baseball' grip. Is this a bad thing?? I only do this because I find it very uncomfortable to put with a regular grip.

  2. I got an indoor putting mat for Christmas, I am going to try this right now. Thanks Adam great video. Have a Happy New Year.

  3. My goodness. Putting is the one facet I haven't worked on because someone described it to me as "Putting the energy it would take to toss the ball to the hole." I didn't really get it… until now!

    Great tips!!!

  4. Adam thanks a million for your great tips on putting I have been using them recently and I am two putting more than I ever did my game has really improved. thanks a million

  5. I've watched so many of your videos yesterday and today. They are very helpful to me as I just had golf tryouts yesterday and have another one tonight. Thanks.

  6. Excellent : clear, encouraging, and delivered with pace and conviction. Poor putting is killing my desire to play, but I got the mat out and felt some confidence coming back by simply following your straightforward advice. Many thanks.

  7. love this video, i learned that i can drop my score by about 20 strokes a game by just improving this aspect of my putting, thanks!

  8. I am only 5 feet tall and have just taken my 32 inch putter in to our Pro to have the grip shortened by one and a half inches. I'm hoping this will be better for me as at the moment I am a rubbish putter.

  9. Thank you Adam! Your explanations and examples are great, understandable, and actionable. Can't wait to see my game fine tuned by practicing your drills and mind set!

  10. So where do you think the ball should be in the stance for putting and if there should be forward press or not?

  11. Just started playing golf today actually. My putting is probably the worse of my class. I see everyone get it in 2 tries but I take 3 or 5. Thanks for the videos

  12. I've just sbscribed, thanks for the great video
    I'm new to golf, so hence me watching all these videos online
    Just would like to ask a few questions
    1. How should I stand when putting? E'g shoulder length with ball centre?
    2. How should I hold the putter? should I use a standard hold like a simpson hold?
    3. how do I make the ball curve into the whole?

    Thanks again for the videos

  13. I can’t wait to test this out. I just got into golf and it’s always the smallest things that can change your game. I tend to overthink. I have a hard time teaching myself consistency when it comes to my swings because I don’t have any idea on how to stabilize.

  14. The more I play golf, and the lower my score gets, the more I realize that it’s all about natural motions and a “between the ears” game

  15. Thank you so much this helped a lot , I play on the corses with my dad and practice on greens with him and my putting wasn’t that good but it got better and now it is great after I followed the tips In this video

  16. Task, Condtions, Standards, ……Easy to understand, copy……I keep right around 31-34 putts a round, …..Now I believe I can lower that more, my goal 28-31 putts per round…..Great video…..Leland

  17. Do you like to get black out drunk? Have a sip of beer every time Adam says natural.

    Just kidding, thanks for the video. Going to work on the pendulum action tomorrow.

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