hey guys bear here welcome back to another video today talking about punch volleys yes one of those fun parts of pickleball feels so good to put away those shots with a nice punch today I’m gonna teach you how to do it but also I’m gonna teach you about a couple of pitfalls be aware of when you’re progressing in pickleball alright let’s get started okay so I last week I made a video about the ready position how to be ready at the line what you should be doing where your paddle should be and so on so if you haven’t checked that out click up here somewhere to check that out I’m gonna be reviewing a couple of things that were in that video so just here we’re punch volley is simply when you literally punch the ball when it’s high enough it’s not an overhead smash overhead smashes are this kind of motion punch volleys are this kind of motion it’s literally a punch okay however the thing to be aware of when it comes to a punch volley is you have to have your paddle up okay so we talked about that in the video I linked but basically have to have it out in front of you the thing about punch valets is that when you have a floater that’s coming towards you not necessarily a really fast ball because if you have a really fast ball coming at your face right your shoulders need to back up to let it go out okay but when it comes to a punch following you have to react quickly half of what a punch volley is is having a quick reaction to where the ball is okay so the swing again have your paddle up the swing is not this how you should do it too but it’s not this big thing when your take your paddle out and you hit it as hard as you can it is literally peer forward and that’s it it is just a little pup but all it is it’s like a high-five thanks to matlab’s by the way from pickleball kinetics for telling me about the high-five it is literally just a hey [Music] [Music] big thing here is again it got my paddle up but I’m pointing it at the ball okay so whenever I get the punch volley the ball coming up I’m already there see that’s half of what the punch volley is it’s just being ready for it okay so in terms of pitfalls things to look out for one of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to punch ball is like they hit the ball too late okay so instead of hitting the ball out in front of you out here which is one of the big principles of pickleball you hit balls out in front of you they’ll instead hit it back here okay so let me show you from an angle here look what happens when I hit a ball here okay comparative when I hit it up here look at the difference of where my paddle faces is pointing so if I hit the ball here guess what that ball is going to go up and it’s going to go out where guys look at it from this angle okay the ball is going to go down that’s why hitting it out in front of you is so important so when you’re swinging through the ball you have to hit it out in front of you okay let me show you just like that I’m hitting them all out in front of me and notice how I’m really not hitting it that hard it’s just like a little tap that’s it all it is but everything is being hit out in front of me I’m not hitting it out here like that which that ball just went way out okay another pitfall that people fall into a really big problem is that they hit it when it’s clearly way too low okay so they’ll try to they’ll try to hit the ball it’s too low and they’ll hit it down here and it’ll go into the net I have this little mantra okay it’s called live to dink another day which means that if the ball is too low and there’s no way that you can smash it there’s no way that you can do anything with it let it bounce that you live to dink another day let it bounce then get back over you’ll get another opportunity for a winner in the future I promise okay now one more thing I want to add here which is what happens if you get a ball straight to your so you get a floater that comes right up right-center and you want to hit it you know with your forehand one really easy thing to do is you have to get your forehand going this way right but that’s hard I mean that’s hard to do like this so the trick is is simply lean step lean and then let your forehand come forward notice how I’m rotating like that okay it almost looks like a kung fu who saw something but that’s how it works right because you have to get your your body out of the way so that you can forehand it like that okay so let me show you what that looks like just like that alright guys so that’s punch volleys I think a big thing to keep in mind when it comes to front punch volleys is to try to keep it simple you know there’s really no need to go crazy with punch volleys you don’t have to hit it very hard you know if the ball is being floated if you have a floater coming your way and getting any kind of downward angle is probably gonna win you the point so it’s best to focus on accuracy placement things like that those are what’s gonna really win the point not so much how hard you hit it so I hope that was helpful feel free to subscribe like the video if you liked it if you don’t like it let me know I love feedback it’s super super helpful any guys thank you so much for joining me I’ll see you next time

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