Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. Today I am going to teach you the finer arts
of club throwing. Stay Tuned. [MUSIC] Yes today I’m going to get you channelling
your inner Tommy Bolt. Tommy Bolt was a famous old golf professional.
He went by the nickname of thunder. He had a pretty bad temper and he was very
well known for club throwing. Now I’m going to teach you how to throw a
club today. But not in anger. I am going to teach you how to throw a club
which will hopefully help improve your golf. So I have got a couple of alignment sticks
here set up with some foam noodles down here. And usually when people throw the golf club
for the first time. They swing the club back and they release the club and they tend to
try and throw the club straight. And in throwing straight. The club as you
can see goes along way left. That’s not quite the throw that we want. What we want to try and achieve when we are
throwing clubs is we want to swing slightly to the right. If I try and throw it straight I am going
to go left. So the idea is when I am throwing I want to
throw the club in the direction of this foam noodle on the right, that’s pointing up at
about 45 degrees and in the air. So as I am here i am just thinking about throwing
the club slightly to the right. And what happens is the momentum of the golf club and the club
face rotating through will actually bring it back on target. That’s what happens when we play golf as well. The club face opens and closes. And that helps
to square the clubface up at impact. So I just take my normal stance here. I am
thinking about I would like it to finish up at the upright blue foam noodle there but
I am just going to swing it out to the right and we will see what happens. And it went just a fraction left of there. The other benefit of throwing a club is we
don’t get any chicken wing. And what is a chicken wing? A chicken wing is swinging across
getting this left elbow visible from the camera behind there. By feeling like I am swinging slightly to
the right there is no chicken wing. I am able to extend my arms and my right hand is pushing
through. Creating great extension through the ball. Or the other feeling is I have long
arms through the ball. So if I concentrate on that. And we are not trying to throw it high in
the air we are trying to throw it low as well. If you try and throw it high you really will
hit it a long way left. We are going to try and throw this club pretty
low to the ground and we will get those long arms. And I hit the stick straight away. There you go. You never thought you would
see me trying to teach you how to throw a club. But if you do it, it will help your
golf. Just be careful when you throw it. Make sure
nothing is around we don’t want anything broken and we don’t want anyone injured. So just
pick a safe area. But get into the habit of trying to get that
club throwing slightly to the right. Which will bring it on target. Thank you for letting me help you with your
golf. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And if you like my videos just give me the
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Dennis Veasley

13 thoughts on “How To Properly Throw A Golf Club”

  1. So this is the feeling you want in a golf swing, release to the right and the ball will start slightly right with a slight draw or straight.

  2. Fabulous Video!    I've been into this drill as my practice swing on the course. ( letting go with my right hand only).  What a huge difference.  If you can capture this feeling during your swing – the stance, grip pressure, backswing, all take care of themselves!

  3. Ok, but for those A-holes that throw clubs in anger YOU MUST THROW IT OVERHEAD LIKE A HATCHET. The grip is designed to keep the club in your hands therefore when you throw a club in anger it always goes about 45º left of your intended target. I've seen people get hit by flying clubs. I've seen crazy close calls … Don't throw clubs in anger. The club didn't do it, you did. Hit yourself in the forehead with the club but don't throw it.

  4. Hey Brian, is this why most people talk about hitting the inside of the golf ball, to get the feeling of hitting it right?

  5. Brilliant. The visual cues help tremendously. I’d go to far “weirder” lengths than throwing a club if it helps with solid ball striking!

  6. i think if you throw it with your right arm this is true as the right hand comes from the shoulder to the ball , but you can throw straight if you throw with your left arm/hand

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