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Dennis Veasley

9 thoughts on “How To Properly Run Down The Lob”

  1. This is it! This kind of content is the reason i subscribe to your channel. Since some of your latest videos feel too common, watching this is is refreshing 😀

  2. This footwork not discussed enough, thanks for addressing it. I recently used this to run down a lob recently and my doubles partner was amazed that I got to the ball and made a good shot on it. Thanks !

  3. Let's see how i do before i see this video. Brb.
    Yup i was doing it right. I get behind it then shift weight back into court for offensive play or to play the point out to get an opening

  4. Hey fellow tenbis viewer. Be careful if somone gives you a slice lob with good backspin because that bal will die in place. I do this shot once ive lobbed my opponent and seen he can chase a ball 4 times. If that doesnt work i have them do two cycles of running for lobs per points that usually drains them pretty quickly either mentally or physically. Best situatiom both

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