Hi, Ben here from Benz Softwash. In this
video I want to show you some damage caused by contractors not
protecting their customers plant life, on a property here in Cork. You can see the damage done to this tree
from overspray. Dead at the bottom. And here you can see the damage
done to the lawn by run-off from cleaning this wall. What’s happened here is that the contractors cleaned the wall but they’ve not protected the plant life by pre and
post drenching. And they’ve also used excessive spraying. They just drowned the place in probably a sodium hypochlorite solution without taking much care and it’s
done a lot of damage. If you come around the other side of the property, Here you can see the wall’s been cleaned and these small trees have been killed. So what’s actually happened here is that
the contractor, or whoever cleaned this property has not protected the plant
life. The way we protect the plant life is by using sensible spraying techniques , i.e we do not drown the place in the chemical and we pre and post drench any lawns or plant life in
the area (with fresh tap water) so that if there is any overspray on it they do not get affected.
I can show you now a similar wall which I did a few weeks ago and you can
see how the plant life is still green, it’s not being spoilt or anything
like that. It looks fine. They (contractors) probably just don’t know the effect of what they’re doing, they may not have seen this, and may be down the road on the next job. But if you want to look after your customers, or your own plant life, then then pre and post drench. And again you
really don’t need to use high flow rates especially as when using sodium hypochlorite solutions on these properties. You really don’t need to use them that
strong. Use the right chemical at the right concentration, on the right surface and soft washing then can be low impact on the environment. When using very high-strength chemical solutions, cleaning can come at a cost to the surface, surrounding property, and plant life. I hope you can learn from this. If you like these videos, then please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Hit the notifications buttons
and we’ll see on the next job. Thank you.


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