I’m not very special in that, I don’t really “prepare” that much. I prefer to laugh in the locker room, joke around with the young players and just enjoy the dressing room life with my teammates. Of course I change the moment I step on the pitch – but I dont really prepare that much. A good training session and preparation with the coach and the team, aswell as individually, is important. I work hard, get rest and have a good diet which are the fundamentals. I think those three things are crucial for today’s footballers without a doubt. Being physically in shape is what ultimately makes you perform well and enables you to reach your maximum level. I have a routine before the game starts, it’s nothing special, but it consists of some warm-up things and just focusing on the game. Being prepared and focused benefits both myself and the whole team. No no no no…. Nothing! When I go to the stadium I play Football Manager and listen to music on the bus, but in the locker room I’m just enjoying the time with my teammates.

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Dennis Veasley


  1. Well this is a new one for me but I talk to my grampa who passed away recently and I say to myself if I fail I fail him if i succeed I succeed for him

    Now I have a cup final tmoz wish me luck

  2. Sometimes going into a game I set myself some objectives to do at least one skill or one killer pass or that one thunder strike all which are necessary in scoring goals to win matches. But I usually get so entrenched in the modified pace of the game that I forget to do what I truly planned to do. And if my team loses that game I feel like I truly lost because I did not accomplish anything that I personally had wanted to accomplish. So now I always watch football videos before a match to constantly remind myself of my plans for that game and I step onto the pitch reaffirmed of my objectives and I become more likely to do them with every opportunity I get.


  4. That sleep thing is just dumb though since these grown ass men dont have to wake up at 6 or 7 AM for school Lol!

  5. Firstly , i remember my mistake of previous matches then i meditate for a while and then perform my most reliable tricks and shots… This is how i mentally prepare myself before a match

  6. First I step my right foot on the pitch…Which gives me a good feeling of wining the match 😁😛

  7. I always wear my left boot first , and I always wear my best clean clothes and I do juggling and some shooting before the match

  8. I do exercise at night before going to sleep and when I wake up in the morning I go for a jogging and practise a little bit in the pitch and the most important thing to me before a match is to pray to God and to listen to the music and I work hard for it because it is my dream even though if I,m
    and indian

  9. I get really nervous and then I practice a ton of skills. But when it comes to game time I’m not nervous at all

  10. Taping my fingers for no reason xD.. may be he learned it by watching some goalkeepers taping their fingers to have more stability

  11. I pray my good🕌 before match and I kiss 💋 my mother and I play 🎮like live match in my mind olso before 2min I sey 🤲🏾Allah help me and help my team and If I score goll I pray like mo salah and I sey Allhamdulilah If I can’t score goals I sey Alhamdulilah and I happy 😃

  12. On a game day my teammates and I are always somewhere together than I start making jokes than on the bus I usually listen to music or watch a movie

  13. I really really love your videos, I am from India I have my fav street food everytime before the match 😃..

  14. Before exam I'm visualize.. but end up in worst always… So I now I don't visualize anything.. just go and come…

  15. 1hour before the game I like very much to see videos with neymar and lewandowski and knew new tips and also before the kick off I like to do my pray!! This is the best preparation for me👍

  16. I walk around in my house with the ball just touching it the day before a game and on the game day as well as watching some skill videos before we leave for the match, and while in the bus I listen to chill music while visualizing myself playing my best

  17. I eat a right food, stay hydrated watch videos on my phone and when im in a changing room i listen 👂 at the coach what i have to do . When i am in the pitch 15 minutes before match i do stretch and warm up.

  18. I imagine that my family and my loved ones are watching and they all want me to be the best so I can't be in second place even if I didn't want to

  19. if your a striker during the warm up always look at the oppositions goalie and find there weaknesses works most of the time for me

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