Hello, this is Keith Sewell on behalf of Expert
Village. In this clip, we’re going to be talking about how to serve a volleyball. The player
currently positioned in the right-back must serve the ball. He must line up behind the
back line, and he must remain there until he contacts the ball. The ball must be contacted
with only one hand. Under-hand, over-hand, and jump serves are the three basic types
of serves. To under-hand serve, you want to hold the ball with one hand so that your dominant
hand is back and goes forward and you release the ball just before contact. You’re going
to hold your hand with your fingers tucked and hit on the base of the ball with your
palm. For an over-hand serve, you want to hold the ball at head-height, then draw back
your hand like you’re drawing a bow. Give it a slight toss upward; you want to swing
with an open, stiff hand. Two types of over-hand serves are floater and top-spin. On a floater,
you want to hit the ball on the very back-side middle of the ball and you want to hit it
in a way that there’s going to be no spin on the ball. The ball is going to drift and
it could just fall straight down, or it could go left or right…there’s no telling. It
could be really squirrelly, and it’s real random. It could be real nasty for the passer
of the other team. On a top-spin, you want to hit the ball just over your head at a high
point. Follow through with your hand so that the result is there’s a spin on top of the
ball. A jump serve is the last type of serve. On a jump serve, you want to toss the ball
up, take an approach like you’re spiking the ball, and you want to jump before you reach
the line. You can land over the line, but you must take off before the line. From hitting
the ball at a high point, you’ve got a better angle at the court. You can hit it harder
with less risk of it going over the in line.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “How to Play Volleyball : How to Serve a Volleyball”

  1. in the video, ur landing on ur hips rather than ur chest. and that hurts a lot and u tend to get burns that way. and usually, u take a long step, then explode into the air, and u do like a fish jump, but make sure to look up or else, u might hurt ur chin. on ur way down is when u should be getting the ball. as soon as u get the ball up, get ur hands out and make it so that ul land hands, then chest. and u should try to keep ur legs and knees up to prevent burns

  2. diving for girls is different cuz girls have boobs and guys dont. girls should take one long step, turn their body so that it faces the opposite side of the arm theyr gonna use (cuz girls dive w/ one hand out). then u stretch ur hand out so that ul look like ur swimming. and to finish it off, u turn the body so u roll on ur back and onto ur feet. hard to describe.

  3. pancaking doesnt necessarily mean ur good. it jus means u got good coordination. and also, pancaking is a lot resort. its not accurate and the ball doesnt get up as high as a pass would. pancaking a ball that u can get by diving or simply by gettin to the ball and passing it, does not make u look good at all. it proves ur lazy and a show off. pancake is usually not taught cuz of its poor accuracy and effectiveness

  4. omfg if you look adn do that video says that we be only like 2 3 or more broken bone's in 1 2 game's don't do it !!!!
    BTW Expert Village Suxx Much When you don't know somthing pls don't try too make it pls you can only kill some1 LOL!!

  5. Those were HORRID dives…oh dear god, the very first one especially. Oh, and nice greenscreen, you can't even tell… 😉

  6. you sucked at diving!! You have to land on your chest first and then rolle your legs after. but you land on your legs first and the the chest! BAD EXAMPLE! I whan`t to show you! i am very good at diving!

  7. This is not serving… hello??? lol

    I Really don't think I wanna land on my chest first… I think that would hurt.. for guys maybe not but for girls.. I don't think so. xD haha

  8. omgsh the blocking one is actually serving ang the serving one is passing?!? get real
    i only watched 7 seconds so i have no more comments

  9. lol ya i made the team today and i did my first dive lol and it wasnt as bad as i thot lol but still a wee bit painful haha

  10. This dive is for beginners 🙂 Real diving is much more fun and more technical 🙂 And this hasn't got the sliding part which is 1 of the main points in diving for a ball.

  11. You shouldn't put your hands down, you'll end up breaking your wrists if you land wrong. Keep them out then you bring your leg up and roll to get back up.

  12. Okay clearly at around 1:14 that boy does not HIT the ball it hits the floor then he hits it he needed to roll a little faster

  13. ante re malaka emeis imaste autodidaktoi kai perissoteroi douleia kanoume tol mono pou zileuw apo esas einai oi egatastaseis sas kaliteroi imaste emeis na to kserete

  14. @rckstarcarissa103 If you weren't so fuckin retarded you would realize i was saying it hit the fukin ground! think before you write** please 🙂

  15. its sooooooo easy to overhand serve im 4'9" and i cant even touch the top of the net but the ball gets while some 6' kid couldnt get it 5 feet so get over it!

  16. A)The captions are right, BUT THE FKIN VIDEO IS WRONG
    B)This showed nothing about serving
    C)I think that they like somehow mixed up their videos i mean if you watch the other volleyball videos some of them are way off the topic as well…

  17. Hmmm last time i checked serving means to hit the ball over the net, not to get on the groudn and DIVE for it.

  18. @Bull Schmitt i doubted it first bull cause I thought it was a scam but
    I took the risk cause it offers 100% money back guarantee. I bit the
    bullet and I have no regrets on paying it. I can now jump higher and now,
    Im a star player in our volleyball team. I am a lot stronger and quicker now.
    Thank God Ive found the right one that works!! =)

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