Hi! This is Keith with Expert Village. We’re
going to now talk about how to score in volleyball. Scoring is a big deal as we talked about in
the last clip. To win, a team must reach a designated number of points before the other
team. How do you get these points? To get points, there’s 2 ways of scoring. Two ways
of keeping score I should say in volleyball. One is called side out scoring. This was used
primarily several years ago as the main way of playing. Now things have kind of switched
over to rally scoring, which we’ll talk about in a second. For side out scoring, your point
is only given to a team when a team that’s serving the ball wins the rally. A rally is
one when a ball is hit over the net and lands within the court lines or when the other team
fails to hit it over their side of the net and inside the lines of the opponents side
within 3 hits. A rally can also be one if the opposing team is called for an illegal
action. Also, in side out scoring, if the team that is not serving the ball wins the
point is what’s called a side out. What that means is they get the ball and they get to
serve, but no points are awarded to either team. It could go back and forth like that
forever, but usually you’re going to get these little shrieks where a team that’s serving
the ball will continue to get points. That’s how they add points to their total. Rally
scoring on the other hand is when the point is awarded for either team, whoever wins the
rally that ends up getting the point. If you’re receiving the serve and you end up winning
the rally, you hit it in their side of the court, a penalty is called, or they don’t
fail to get it to their side of the court, then your team gets the point no matter whether
you’re serving or not. Usually, side out scoring is played in 2 games of 15 and rally to either
25 or 30. Matches are usually 2 of 3 or 3 of 5. Girls NCAA plays rally to 30, and USA
volleyball is 2 games to 25.

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “How to Play Volleyball : How to Keep Score in Volleyball”

  1. i love how his like "scoring is very important" hahaha like no duh cause that kind uhhh idk determines the winner?… lol

  2. There are two ways of playing and scoring volleyball – the International way, as is recognised at the Olympics, World League, the big professional Leagues and in 147 of 148 Volleyball countries and the way some Americans do it…  Search FIVB for the right way!

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