Hello, this is Keith Sewell with Expert Village.
In this clip, we’re going to be talking about how to dive for the ball. When the ball’s
too far to get in a good position with your feet to pass, then your only option is to
dive for the ball. When you’re diving for the ball, you want to lead with you head.
You want to make sure that you make contact with your arms first, your platform, before
you hit the ground. As soon as you make contact with your platform, you can release your hands
and catch some of your weight on the ground with your hands. You want to hit with your
chest first, and you want to kind of let your legs kind of roll down gracefully. This lessens
the impact by not letting your body fall all at one time; you’re kind of spreading it out,
spreading the impact out. You also want to keep your head up so you don’t hit your chin
on the ground. Like I said, once your platform makes contact with the ball, you can put your
hands down to support your weight, but you can also use your hands to help you slide
forward to also lessen your implact. Another method to use in diving is called a roll.
A roll is good when a ball is hit to one of your sides. To roll to the right, you want
to extend your right arm, and after contact, turn so that your shoulder blade touches the
floor with your right arm extended. You then roll over your shoulder blade, plant your
feet on the ground, and push up with your hands to lift your body.

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Dennis Veasley

46 thoughts on “How to Play Volleyball : How to Dive for a Volleyball”

  1. dude your crazy. Expert? IDK bout tht. When a ball is being spiked at you on the Right side as in the video your back defense player doesn't stay back and wait for a hard it, he moves up for a tip middle back moves left and as does the right back.

  2. yeah if right side is hitting then right back should step up for tips, middle back slide over for cross court shots and left back get line shots.

    all their videos suck.
    this video has nothinggg to do with diving. plus there's only five people on the court. AND the guy narrating seems like he'd rather go drown than narrate. kbye.
    … thanks expertvillage.

  4. Those rotations are horrible! The blockers stay together, why would one of them be 10 ft away from the net and jump towards the net??

  5. @TrexKN In the transcript it says, "You want to hit with your chest first.", which is a problem for girls…So girls use their stomach first, his explanation is more for boys, rather then girls.

  6. can we get another guy??? this guy fuckin sux!!! he cant explain worth shit, he has no enthusiasm and is on some stupid green screen! also the title never matches with the video, he's talking about defense when i want to learn how to dive!! get ur shit strait buddy >:(

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