To start with, you have to determine who’s
going to serve first. You can say to the opponent “M or W?” and just spin that racket. It’s
W. So whomever chose W will serve first. Scoring is very important. Zero means the same as
love, so you can start with saying “Zero, zero.” or “Love, love”. The first point is
fifteen, the second point is thirty, the third point is forty, and then to win the game you
have to win another point. If the ball touches just even a little bit of the line and it
touches a little bit of the outside of the line, it’s in. On every odd game you switch
sides. The reason for that is one side is usually much sunnier than the other side.

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Dennis Veasley

11 thoughts on “How to Play the Sport of Tennis : The Rules of Playing Singles Tennis”

  1. this is fucked… how hard is it to make a competent tennis lesson?? all the ones that i have seen have been total shit, if you find a decent one let me know

  2. That is called a let. Some leagues require you to play a let (in which the returner must play the point as if it is a regular serve) and some leagues require that the person serves that particular serve over again. If you're in HS, you most likely do not play the let.

    If it's a first serve and you hit a let, you serve your first serve over again. In a league in which a let requires a redo of that serve, a let can happen infinitely. No one is "given" the point until a regular serve is hit.

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