The top spin, another serve I really like,
the reason is that you’re going over the ball. Now, you use the same grip as you would with
the slice or you can put the slice also to the middle of the racket, it’s another way
to do it. Whichever one you’re most comfortable with. Let?s try some top spin strokes now
with going over the ball, moving your feet like this. Lets go! It can be hard for opponents
to reach that ball because it can go hard and high at the same time.

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Dennis Veasley

13 thoughts on “How to Play the Sport of Tennis : How to Spin the Ball in the Sport of Tennis”

  1. Expert Village is probably the most pathetic thing on Youtube. All of their videos just display varying degrees of incompetence.

  2. how does this have 2.5 stars??? it deserves 0… or 1 at most, she clearly doesn't know how to play tennis at all and… her grammar isn't easy to decipher

  3. Hello
    I want to ask this lady that ı didnt learn like thet stroke…
    Actually nobody teach me but ı watch from youtobe double band stroke and ı accustume like this. What do you think that which one is best? Thank you…

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