Slice forehand. We’re going to have our grip,
you see that this is the middle of your racket, it’s going to be slightly to the right for
a forehand. For a backhand it’s going to be over to the left of the center of your racket.
The reason that slice is nice is because it allows you to give a different stroke that’s
going to go below the knee. If you can vary your strokes you can give different points
to your opponents. Now, the slice is going to come under the ball. As you can see my
leg bending, this is the motion. It’s a shorter motion at the service line than it would be
at the back of the court where you take a much longer stroke. So, let’s show you. Now,
here’s the forehand and it can go fast or it can go slow. But you’re cutting the ball.

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Dennis Veasley

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