Hey guys! Andrew McCombe here the founder
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and now co coach of the Indonesian team at the Joondalup Golf Resort
in Perth, Western, Australia Where he’s going to teach us a simple solution that’s going to help us become more confident consistent and in control of our inner game of golf So that we can start to fulfil our playing potential
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and in control of our inner game of golf This “Tip from the Pro” brought to you by Golf University the world’s premier golf improvement program Well What are you up to here? What are you what are you gonna do? What what’s your plan for this shot? I’m going straight at the pin Why are you gonna do that?
Well, that’s what I normally do. Okay Well, let’s just talk about a little rule a simple rule that we should we should bring into into place right here now Andrew It’s called the seventy percent rule seventy percent rule says that you if you’re gonna hit this club it what do you got there? What club is that five and how far we got 150 uphill? Okay, so it’s 150 up here
with a humungous bunker up there that is just yeah. Okay, I get it. Okay Seventy percent rule says Andrew that you play the club that you can play seven times out of ten Can get the result you’re looking for seven times out of ten. Let me ask you an honest question I want you to be honest back to me Can you hit that clock that shot on to the green with that 5-iron seven times out of ten? No All right so my best advice for you here is let’s take a club that we can play seven times out of ten because the consequences of this shot not coming off because you can’t pull the shot off and it’s possible is a dire result that’s going to rack up the big score. We don’t want to do that, right? There’s a big bunker, isn’t it? Well, this is what we want to help the viewers with right We don’t we don’t want to have
we want to start avoiding this stuff the right way All right, and we’re gonna do that
by making a better decision If I gave you this 7-iron Yes, we would move the target away a little bit, right? We’re not going to be now at the green but
let’s say we swing around a little bit say 25 degrees more to the left Left of that big tree up there
and you make a nice smooth swing Could you hit that Club? Seven times out of ten up into that area I could surge. It’ll feel a lot
more comfortable or confident doing that Yeah, look now I know that by hitting it on the green, you know, you give yourself the potential having a good score and ROI But the bottom line here is what’s just called score management and the best way to do that is to have simple model so you can apply the seven out of ten model to every type of shot that you’re hitting it works with your strategies and so on with everything you do Now, It’s interesting. If you don’t do this, then you bring into play three types of errors you bring in a play either a mental error An execution error
or strategy or a combination of those things? so by trying to hit a golf club that literally
and I use the word try as opposed to you can You get into problems all the way and we’ve talked about stretching the skills This would be stretching the skills Andrew Well, I must be honest mentally it. I’ve got a bit of doubt. Yeah, technically I’m gonna have to hit it even better Yeah, so strategically, it’s probably not a good idea.
Is it for me to go straight at the pit? That’s exactly right
and if we can play the game and start You know with a simple model
like this seven out of ten model you can use this for every type of shot
you could play from tee to green and it’s going to help you enormously So why don’t you play the shot now, Andrew? Play it. You can see that big tree up on the hill. Let’s play the left side of that tree. Nice smooth swing Let’s knock it up there ready for our next shot Fantastic beautiful golf shot I think you can see from that by just going back to a club that you’re more confident with and more capable with It reduces the tension level. You’re not stretching your game as much and you’re going to hit the ball more
into the target area you want more often? Yes, you may not have got the you know, the the birdie up there in this particular instance But you’re gonna make more pars and more bogeys and you’re gonna keep those big scores off the card
and after all isn’t that what It’s all about? Well from another game perspective It certainly makes me feel more relief more relaxed and I guess over time it’s going
to build more confidence We can’t ask for more that can’t we? Well there it is so hope you’ve enjoyed this
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Dennis Veasley

16 thoughts on “How to Play the Best Course Management Strategy in Golf | Inner Golf Mastery Series”

  1. Brilliant concept – loved it and yes it will definitely help me feel more confident and consistent on the golf course – especially when choosing where to hit my next shot

  2. This Course Management lesson is possibly one of the hardest to stick to – do you agree? and if so why do you think it is so hard (especially for men) to play within themselves and not always go for the hero shot?

  3. Good advice, for me ,adding to that chose would be the wind, wet ground, tall or shot grass and how well you have been hitting up until then.
    is that 70/30 for Pros's or hackers or those who actively work on their swing to reach their goals ? And would that be the way to go all the time? if your playing for money and you had the skills in you short game to cover the deficit, that would be a smart approach.
    i also think however, it's got to be the challenge,
    Like Jordan Spieth, I'm gonna try something stupid! moment.
    Would that not have have given him more confidence to continue choosing clubs that go beyond the 70/30 rule?
    I would have liked to see you hit the 5 iron first, and then hit the 7iron and see the difference and finish the hole with both balls!!
    granted the 7 was a safer way to go yet every shot you take is a challenge. hitting the 5 iron would have been just as important!.
    like those using blades, say, it gives you feed back if you miss hit it. that 5iron shot would have given you good feed back one way or the other.
    When do you, then chose your 5 iron ? It was a good opportunity to stretch and skill up on you long irons if nothing more.
    My HC has come down from 25 to 10 not just because of a consistent swing and playing within the 70/30 rule but also from pushing my doubt and trying something stupid long enough , till it became a good go to shot.

  4. Thanks, having this as a real conversation at the ball really helps it stick in my mind. Not just a coaching talking , but actually teaching one-on -one

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