Hi my name is Lincoln Ward I’m an USPTA certified
teaching pro here in Austin Texas with Lone Star Tennis Company. Today we are going to
talk about proper tennis etiquette. When you are playing tennis, there are certain untalked
about rules that you should follow. One being when you are on the court hitting with the
opponents and the ball comes on your side, that’s when it’s your responsibility to call
the ball in and out. When the ball bounces on your opponent side, it’s your opponent’s
responsibility and it’s up to you to trust what they say. Now that doesn’t mean when
in doubt call it out, if you don’t know if the ball goes in or out, it’s up to you to
call it in. I repeat call that ball in. Don’t just assume that ball is out because you didn’t
see it. A couple of other things you need to think about when your opponent is hitting
the ball, don’t make any noises. That’s grounds for having a redo or what they call a let
in tennis. Now you don’t want to walk behind players that are hitting as well. If your
court is on the other side of the people that are currently hitting, wait till they are
finished that point and then you can cross over. There’s, it’s very poor etiquette to
cross over the court while people are hitting the ball and you can actually get hit by the
ball so it’s dangerous as well. Now when you are sitting in the stands watching tennis,
it’s really not a good idea to heckle the player while they are hitting the ball. You
can clap and cheer, but heckling is generally frowned upon. And a couple of other things
you don’t want to do is as your opponent, or as a player serving, you don’t want to
make noise because it’s easy to distract a player. Especially on a crucial time when
they are serving. You don’t want to cheer when someone double faults. That means when
they miss their second serve and they lose the point because they couldn’t get the ball
in play. At the end of every match you want to go and shake hands with your opponent.
That’s just a show of good sportsmanship. That’s probably one of the most important
parts of tennis etiquette. My name is Lincoln Ward and that was tennis etiquette. Thank
you very much.

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