Hi, my name’s Lincoln Ward, I’m a USPTA Certified
Tennis Teaching Pro here in Austin, Texas with Lonestar Tennis Company. Today I’m going
to talk to you about how to practice Tennis effectively. A lot of times when people go
out and practice their strokes, they hit one way and then when it comes to their match,
they completely hit a different way because they just want to get the ball in and win
the point. When your practicing and when you’re playing you have two different mind sets.
So, when you’re practicing, when you’re practicing out there with your friends or with a coach,
or however, you’re all about practicing your technique, getting that technique right. You
worry a little bit less about hitting the ball in or winning the point. When you go
to play a match, you need to make a distinction. Are you going out there to compete, or are
you going out there to practice your strokes? If you’re doing the later, don’t worry about
winning the point so much, worry more about if you’re hitting technically sound shots.
That’s what’s going to get you increasing your skill level fastest. Another thing that
you can do is, a majority of players out there, when they’re developing their strokes, they
think, let’s see how hard I can hit the ball as often as I can. And, that’s fine, but when
you’re playing singles, you want to build a point. Don’t worry about hitting the ball
as hard as you can. The machismo is not quite necessary. You want to keep the ball in play.
Hit about 50 to 75 percent power on a majority of your shots, and when you get the short
one, that’s when you come in and you tee off on that ball. You want to, you want to build
your confidence first. Confidence is a key in tennis, if your confidence goes south,
so does your game. It’s one of those funny things about the sport. You really have to
play smart to improve faster. The last thing I would suggest to you is definitely keep
hydrated and don’t over-exert yourself. I see a lot of players out there, 3 or 4 hours
at a time and they get so frustrated with themselves, the next day when they go out
to the court, they’re flat. Understand, your body is like a machine. It needs it’s down
times, it needs time to rehydrate, you really have to take care of your body. Your body
will get use to hitting the strokes over time, you don’t want to rush it. Practice makes
perfect, guys and gals, remember that. You can’t just go out there once a week and think
to improve. Don’t hit the backboard, go call somebody else out to hit with you. Not just
to play matches, but also just to rally. Rallying makes your game so great. It makes it better,
faster than just playing in matches. I’m Lincoln Ward and that’s how you can practice tennis
effectively. Thanks a lot.

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17 thoughts on “How to Play Tennis : How to Practice Effectively for Tennis”

  1. i was looking for if u could teach how to hit the ball hard and make it go straight cuz i really cant hit it straight and hard

  2. I really like his striaghtforward and honest approach, We have all experienced the difficult transition between practice and match play. Thanks for your lessons!

  3. when you watch someone who is good, you know it right away. It does need hours.
    Thats what happened to me with this guy Lincoln. I was looking for some coaching tips for serving to begin with and as soon as I watched his video I knew I had found my online coach, atleast to take me to the next level in the positive direction. Thanks Lincoln, good work.

  4. @andymontan That depends on your stroke its probably because you have to put more topspin on your strokes opposed to just flat hitting it that way you can hit hard and control it.

  5. hello everyone i just started playing teenis for the first time yesterday and i want to know how i can hit the ball and make it go straight….it seems if i hit it easy it still go fast and get out 🙁 any tip can do

    sorry for my english just want any advice, thank you

  6. @al3zmi try to watch yourself hit the ball and instead of getting under the ball and hitting it high but in like a scrub, try to get the racket perpendicular or over the ball to increase the speed and topspin of the ball

  7. you didnt pay attention to what he was saying did u? He stated that its not about hitting the ball hard , its just about hitting ur strokes right. go to tennis tips .com to learn the game of tennis.

  8. When youre young your main focus shouldnt be about hitting the ball over the net, it should be about your technique. Many pros were ranked low when they were little because they focused only on their technique, but once they mastered their technique, hitting the ball over the net was not a problem any more. And the kids who focused on hitting the ball over the net grew older, their rank slowly dropped as kids who focused on techniqe, slowly were able to hit the ball over the net with ease.

  9. it's been 4yrs so u've probably figured it out by now lol. but if u haven't, your raacket should point where you want the ball to go when it makes contact with the ball.

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